Is it too early to say?

Steve McClaren - waste of space replace him now.................

Not that I'd know I'm a girl and know nothing about football and should stay in the kitchen were I belong. Just thought it made a nice change from all the mod debates

Deleted 7

Footie has turned into the sports for poofs! All that hair, designer clothes, posh spice.......grrrrr!

Now RUGBY is the sport of men and kings!!


Jenny_Dabber said:
rosinacarley said:
Oh now you've done it :lol:
Would'nt worry to much JD , I'm a staunch Newcastle United follower , even wear a NUFC theatre cap at work , get stick every day from both patients and workmates , water off a ducks back , end of the day it's a game played by multi millionaires [at the top level] , last time we won anything was in 69 when we won the Inter Cities Faires cup , I queued up all night outside St James Park in below freezing temp's , [ a wee lad of 14]but fxxk me it was worth it at the time , I've mellow'ed a bit now , but would love to see them win something decent , best times since then have got to be the Keegan years , he was a God up there & rescued us from a fate worse than death , so sorry I'm gabbling on , must stop it , :roll:


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As a Bristol City follower - all this talk of football has left me confused.. what is this sport of which you talk??
dondon said:
While you're in there Womps, bake us a cake!

And could you do the dishes while your there , [only joking Womps], love all you girls realy , 8)
Sorry just had my nails done

Rugby is a far better sport agreed

Jesus I knew this site had gone down hill but we're letting Shitheads in


up the gas
wompingwillow said:
do you want cream or milk
Goddamnit, there was me trying to get a bite and you go all nice on me.
Forget it, I'll make you one
How do you take it? :lol:

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