Is it to late to retake RT and change Branch

I started applying as a WS and have done everything for it. security clearance all done. just waiting for a joining date.

Problem is recently i have been changing my mind about joining up. Im in my final year of A levels and have applied to do Physical Geography at Uni. it got me wanting to go into the WS (HM) branch but when i did my RT it was not a option. seeing as its been about a year and a half i reckon i could improve. but is it to late now to change and retake the test after everything have been cleared?

As a add-on my plan is to go to uni get a degree then join as WS (HM), because at least then im putting my degree to use. should i be telling my CA this? would the be more likey to give me to HM role if i get a degree but the the RT score. i doubt it but its worth a shot.
As far as I know (sure ninja will be along soon to confirm/discredit it) everyone needs to pass the RT for their chosen branch; regardless of what other qualifications they have. From a personal point of view, if you aren't sure whether you want to join up or what route to take I would suggest taking some time to have a think. Work hard at your A levels and see if you want to go to uni, apply as an officer or rating.

I loved uni and would recommend it to anyone, however if it isn't essential to your career aspirations and you aren't overly fussed about the experience then give it a miss. It is hard work, a fair whack of money and if its not something you properly want then it will be a struggle. If you 100% don't want to join as WS then Speak to your AFCO. Make sure it isn't just 'the waiting list blues' making you doubt your decision though lol.


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You are under no obligation to join. As your AFCO are not usually psychic, because they may not be as spiritually endowed as me, it's probably best to give 'em a call.

If you want to change branch before joining you must score high enough in the recruiting test, as R3 correctly states. You are permitted two shots at the RT under normal circumstances. A letter off the Pope or a degree will not alter the requirement for entry, unfortunately.

If you sit the test, score lower than originally, it makes no difference with regard your original application - as long as you join before 3 years elapse from the initial "pass".
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