is it time to say enough is enough?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by andym, Jun 27, 2008.

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  1. Sniffer dog searches and X-ray machines spark religious objections from London's Muslims

    Improved security checks on London's public transport system have put the police on collision course with Muslims over fears they are at odds with the religion.
    Extra sniffer dogs and X-ray machines for screening bags have given to the British Transport Police who patrol the Tube and the rail system in an effort to prevent terror attacks.

    But some Muslims have complained that being searched by dogs is against their faith because dogs are "spiritually unclean".
    And some female Muslims have complained that X-ray machines are unacceptable because it was the same as being forced to strip.
    During trials of the new resources in the capital, passengers had the exterior of their luggage checked by dogs.

    But one Asian man told researchers: I don't mind dogs in the park or walking near me, but sniffer dogs? I don' think that's right."A Muslim woman, asked to walk through a scanner, also complained saying: "Sometimes I wear clothing which is not so tight. It will be shown on (the monitor) and somebody is looking at it. It defeats the whole purpose of covering up."
    But a BTP spokesman said that the security checks would continue but officers would be considerate. He said: "We are obviously aware of and sensitive to any cultural sensitivities. BTP officers do have the power to stop and search anyone under the Terrorism Act.

    "This also covers use of the dog handlers and dogs, which are used to 'indicate' any substance they have been trained to detect."
  2. This is the biggest load of bollocks for a long time. Of course Muslims are going to be checked, after all when was the last time a suicide bomber was either Christian, Hindu, Jewish, Buddhist or any other religion other then Muslim. If the Muslim community had not allowed their religion to be hijacked by extremists there would be no need for sniffer dogs.
    So they have prepared themselves for prayer (suicide bombers also ALWAYS prepare themselves for prayer), so what does this mean. Not a lot really, they go through a washing process, at all mosques there is a room set aside for this (even in the mosques in factories). It takes no more than ten minutes to carry out this cleansing routine, I know I've worked in enough Muslim countries to have witnessed this act many times.
    So for the sake of ten minutes preparation the Muslim community wish to put in danger the lives of the British public. Now I haven't spoken to my Muslim friends on this subject but I would be surprised if the majority of Muslims would object to a routine check by a trained dog.
    Once more a small percentage of this 5% minority is acting as if they represent ALL Muslims.
    If they feel that they are unable to live in the UK because of problems caused by Muslim fanatics, then as far as I am concerned they should move to a country with Sharia law.
  3. If they don't like it then they can always piss off back to the 'relaxed, sensitive Islamic regime' they originated from, I am sick to death of hearing the whining from these people and they would do well to remember that the current vipers in our midst hail from their community.

    I am still waiting for the Islamic leaders in this country to state overtly that if you murder innocents you will not be going to paradise.
  4. I'm sick of our fear of offending people.

    Security is security. Tough. We all get pissed off with it from time to time, and it's not discrimatory because we are all searched / x-rayed / etc.

    Live with it.
  5. with the greatest of respect Slim you have forgotton or know nothing of the history of India if you can state that all suicide bombers are Muslim. That is not the case.

  6. It's not 'our' fear doc, it's those up higher.

    They will never stop me putting up decorations at Christmas or celebrating any other religious festival and I certainly wont give up my Easter egg.
  7. You cannot beat an excellent repast washed down with a bottle or 3 of fine wine and finished off with a good cigar after a period of fasting.
  8. If they are so miffed about being sniffed by dogs, there's always;


  9. Let's really bring an extra bottle to the party and teach the sniffer dogs to piss up the legs of any man wearing a dress and women who cover their hair ?
    Give them something to complain about.

    What gets me is that the majority of muslims who cover in my area are fat or ugly. They can hardly walk.Besides, how any woman would want to shag a bloke with that sort of beard is beyond me.There's facial hair and there's facial hair.

    Read a disturbing report today that, in 20 years there will be enough muslims here to vote for their own parliament, including Sharia law.
    Harriet Harmen and her love of diversity will be interested in noting this from her Malibu deckchair no doubt.

    This country is being eroded, like all great empires from the inside out. Where else in Europe does this shoite go on to such a degree?
  10. I have a swarthy skin tone and once had a splendid full set, can't say that it ever put the lassies off.

    I think it is going on in many European countries, not just ours.
  11. I also bring this up everytime I am in discussion with Muslims, and I have not had a satisfactory reply
  12. It appears that we all agree that there are two sets of rules in the UK, one for us indigenous white Brits and one for certain ethnic communities, a classic example is that Muslim men can claim benefits for more than one wife, bigamy is illegal in this country. We can gripe about it here until the pigs come home but it will make not a jot of difference. There does not appear to be any politicians who have the balls to redress this imbalance so just what is the answer?
  13. Well if any of you people think there is some kind of immigration 'problem' in the Uk then come to Spain.
    Here we have the highest level (in the EU) of both legal and illegal immigration, equally as many PC laws as the Uk seems to think itself bedevilled by, and higher rates of inflation and crime.
    In addition there are five official languages, five autonomous states with their own parliaments, one of them has their own police and tax gathering powers.
    Every single piece of paperwork we do, and there are an awful lot of them, have to be completed in two languages; not dialects languages at times very different from one another.
    We have suffered a massive terrorist attack, proportionally in terms of population at least the equivalent of the twin towers attack; there are also constant threats of other attacks from those wishing more autonomy.
    But you know, hey ho, it all rubs along....
    With a bit of luck, he crosses his fingers, we will win the Euro 2008 football on Sunday, and, if we we do it will be because our team set out to WIN.
    So! now tell me you have a lot to moan about....
  15. Oh yep and by the way half the main official language is of muslim origin and a good part of the country is 'claimed' as being a muslim state....
    In this area, one of europes largest for wine production, virtually all the vineyards are maintained by muslims who have incorporated into the culture for thousands of years.
    When muslim/arab architects are reputed to had a hand in building many of the UK's cathedrals, indicating a large presence for many years, then what is the problem with integration?
  16. Amazing!!! And the contents of the gash barge are considered a bad advert for the Navy!!! I'd be peeing myself laughing if this thread wasn't so full of carp.

    All I can say is thank goodness most of you have retired - I'm guessing you are very unhappy people - well I sure as hell hope so - I'd hate to think that you could think these disgusting thoughts and actually be happy.

    Some of you idiots are just as bad as the terrorists ... :threaten:
  17. If they dont life it f*ck off as safety against terror attacks is more important that any religion.
  18. I must admit, that as a brownhatter, I would be deeply offended by the thought that a female straight could derive any satisfaction for seeing me in my pants through her X-ray television. She'd probably throw up on the spot! :lol: Now if I could insist I was man-handled that would be an altogether different experience. :lol:

    If the police wish to avoid offending people they need to be culturally sensitive:

    Straight sailors should be strip searched by straight crushers of the opposite sex. :drool:
    Muslim men should be searched by fellow muslim men and women by fellow Muslim women. :windows:
    Christian Bishops should be searched by other cross-dressers. :dwarf:
    Gays by other, equally happy people. :)
    Blindpersons' canines (who could be conceiling explosives) should be searched by Unsighted Officials of the Kennel Club. :dog:
    Butchers should be searched by members of the Animal Liberation Front. :twisted:
    Milkmen should be searched by their bored female customers. :laughing8:
    And Golden Rivet should be searched for by a young "green" stoker.... ;)

    Where's me Teflon jacket gone? :eek:ccasion9:
  19. Fcukin great idea -- :w00t: :w00t:

    Used to keep pigs at one time and they are very intelligent and clean if you look after them .
    You'd need muzzles on them cos anything that smelled eatable they'd
    attempt to scoff it -and they bite aswell.

    Definately would be a deterrent anyway !!

    :nemo: :nemo:
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What she said... :thumright:

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