Is it still worth it?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by amazonian, Dec 11, 2007.

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  1. I have been wanting to join the RN for over a year now and have had the intention to try and get sponsored through university by the RN for some time. Although it seems like every time I pick up a newspaper or come to lurk on rumration there is a new story/article on what a bad state the RN is in regarding funding or ship numbers and it just seems to be getting worse. I've just finished reading this article and don't get me wrong I'm sure the middle east is a lovely place but one of my main reasons for wanting to join the RN was to see the world.

    One comment that gives me some hope is from the article linked above.
    I hope there are other people out there thinking the same thing.

    So, sorry if this has turned out to be a rather negative post guys, but I just wanted to know if you guys would join again if this sort of treatment by the government was going on in your day?
  2. Yes, just the same in the 60's 70's 80's and 90's. Then I left.

    Jack always moans it's his way of dealing with things that can not be changed.

    If you can get sponsored through Uni, it's the best thing you could ever do.

    You will be richer than everyone else on campus, and you will have some very good jollies to go on as a POC, during your Summer Hols. And the return of service is very small considering what the navy give you.

    Good luck
  3. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    All depends on what you are after. So far I've done 16 years and I can honestly say I've enjoyed it all - I have worked hard, stupidly hard in most cases, not sure I have got the work/life balance right but I've been to some awesome places, made loads of great friends, got some pretty decent qualifications and work experience and I still enjoy it.

    Its what you make of it, but you have to enter with your eyes open.

  4. My 16 year old nephew asked me the same thing tonight, he's due to go to Raleigh in June.
  5. What did you tell him? If you don't mind me asking.
  6. If I had my time again then of course I'd do it all over again...but as to joining today...far less easy a question to answer...and I'm deeply sad not to be able to offer a glowing recommendation :cry:
  7. I'd second this. I'd also reinforce the point about work life balance, if you're going to get promoted then you need to be aware that the work/ work balance is what's important, rather than the work/ life balance. Personally I've never managed to get work/ life balance sorted, frequently described as a workaholic, which is what the service wants.

    As with any career, there are good and bad aspects, good jobs and bad jobs. It's up to you to make the best of the opportunities you get, and take firm control of your direction, because the appointer isn't looking after your interests, despite what they might say at the feelgood presentations.
  8. All in all, I'd do it again, having done it from Raleigh to wardroom, and from frigate to hospital to boat to desert. It's never perfect and has been said 'Jack's never happy unless he's dripping'.

    But if you don't try you'll never know
  9. Most of those people on here like myself are out the mob. Although some are still serving.

    I loved 90% of my time in the mob. The 10% made me choose to leave after 7 years.

    The mob changed before I joined the mob changed when I was in. the mob changed and is still changing since I left. It's never the same for everyone. Those who join now don't know how it was when I joined nor do I really know how it was before I joined.

    I never tell anyone not to join up because

    1. It gives people a better grasp of real life.
    2. You make good friends and associates
    3. Possible chances of travel to nice places and bad places (makes it more fun)
    3. Guaranteed pay at end of the month
    4. Security in Job
    5. Get to play with guns :D
    6. Meet interesting woman in various ports
    7. Do something worthwhile with your life.

    The list goes on.

    Ignore the politics.

    Would I join up again? No I done it and it's completely changed too much for me but I would recommend people to join now.

    I do miss the most aspects of the life like the banter, piss ups, the trips like most! I don't miss anything from previous civvi jobs. The Navy helped me when I left, RFEA still help when needed, and the mob gave me the personal qualities needed in the world and turned from a gob shite into a man.

    My opinion

  10. Told him governments come and go, maybe the next one will take a bit more interest in the armed forces. I also used comments found on RR from people saying if they had there time again they would do the same again. He seems happier but finnished off by saying when he's 18 and allowed to vote he will never vote liarbor.
  11. Definately worth it, I've been in for over 19 years and I'd do it all again, we drip about the governments decisions as every generation of matelots has done before us, but the perks are there (although the hard work required to gain the perks is extremely hard).

    Foreign runs, exotic (and not so exotic) places, interesting and varied characters, (relatively) good money and a list of memories that you wouldn't believe.

    I think of what I have done over the last 19 and a bit years and compare it to my school life has been far more interesting and rewarding, hell the Navy has sent me to overseas posts to work, as I write this I am sitting in a foreign country that I would never have visited if it wasn't for the Andrew, no matter how much I wanted to, and now its my home for three years.

    If you don't join, you'll always regret not giving it a go. If you do join and don't like it - you can leave - after all it's not for everyone.
  12. Would I join up now? No.
    Would I join up again, WHEN I joined up last time? Yes.
    Confusing? I hope so :)
  13. I am also of the same view- been in for 15 plus years now and gone from lower deck to wardroom. would i do it again - without question but go in with your eyes open and be aware you will always meet people who say "It's not the same as in my day" - in some cases this is a good job in others not - we cannot progress without change.
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Change? CHANGE?! Who blasphemed in here?! 8O :wink:
  15. Spot on. More and more B-S for less and less fun. I've always encouraged people to join up but in the last couple of years I've found myself not being as enthusiastic as I have been previously. Maybe we're just getting older and more grumpy. I really hope I'm completely wrong and that those joining Raleigh and BRNC will have a great time when they pass out. Maybe one more trip to the Far East would cheer me up a bit!
  16. As one who has always regretted not joining-up for service in stone frigates or skimmers (as a J Med Tech) when I failed the med for the Submarine Service, I think you're wrong Lamri. :hug: :) Those who don't join will only regret it later and end up as a dripping civvy on RR in the years to come, sorry not to have experienced the comradeship, professionalism and opportunities (eg to grow-up ;) ) that the RN and other forces offer.
  17. Thing is Steve, this is a dilemma that every matelot generation faces mate.
    Nothing is ever as good as when we joined up, no matter when that was. In ten/twenty years time the very same argument will still be going strong. The lads and ladettes that join up today don't know what it was like when I joined up and therefore things for them will "only get worse" from that point on. Exactly the same for me when I joined in 1988 and some that had been in for years were saying its all changed, not as good as it used to be etc etc.
    Sorry for rambling on, but like I said, I wouldn't join up NOW, but i'm glad I joined up when I did. :)
  18. I have to say this is something that has worried me (and worries me more as my AIB gets closer) and after reading a lot of the RR posts on this subject (this question seems to be asked a lot) I think a quote I found in John Winton novel sums up the general opinion.

  19. Probably the best post on this subject - and the truest....
  20. True enough, but I wouldn't quote that at your AIB :thumright:

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