Is it safe to contribute to the review of the reserves?


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I would like to send a submission into the review of the reserves, which is likely to be controversial (not saying anything other than that). Given the nature of the submission, CMR will be able to identify my identity ASAP.

My questions are this:

1. If I send this submission in, should I CC it to CMR himself, so that his staff are aware and can consider their views?

2. Will sending this submission land me in the dog house big time?


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onBecause while I know the official platitudes will be "we welcome any comments made" etc, I've also seen first hand how vindictive the RNR can be when on the defensive. I want to put forward a suggestion, but I'm worried that to do so will be a huge career foul.


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I work (literally) yards from ComMarRes, I know Capt W very well, he will welcome any comments and is neither vindictive nor inclined to be dismissive. In my opinion it would be wrong to send in a submission if you didn't have the nerve to copy it to CMR.

I don't think that he, or the immediate staff around him, would be as low as to career foul anyone - thats actually quite difficult to do these days.

In the past I wavered when making similar decisions then carried them out copying all involved - didn't make me popular but my points were made and I felt better....


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Thanks WD - I have no issues with putting my name to something and letting him see it - If I don't have the nerve to raise it internally, then it is totally wrong to raise externally first.
I will put something together and send in over the next week or so.

Cheers for the reassurance.


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I think thats the right thing to do. If you feel that strongly about the RNR and have constructive criticism I am absolutely 100% certain the Captain will genuinely take it as it is intended.

I know DNRes of old took some real hits because the personalities weren't "top class" but the people I see in there now are a different generation and are trying to do a good job.
This brings back awful memories of the time when i saw fit to send a letter to DNRES as it was.

My letter appeared to be well recieved by the top brass. It was those in the middle who werent too impressed.

I was very careful to make sure that my letter was done in a positive manner as opposed to negative. Its amazing how the people in the middle all thought they knew exactly what had been written, and even more amazing how wrong they were!

My only regrets were that it may have affected someone i had/have a lot of respect for which was completely unintended.

Send it mate But my advice would be to copy in one or two people in between in on it so that they don't feel left out.


Why not just send it to CMR instead of to an external agency as well? If you're copying him anyway I don't see the point in letting the survey company (presumably a:cet) know!
Purple_twiglet said:
1. If I send this submission in, should I CC it to CMR himself, so that his staff are aware and can consider their views?

2. Will sending this submission land me in the dog house big time?
Personally I think it's only reasonable to inform HQ of what you're saying.

In terms of the impact, that largely depends on how you say things rather than what you say. If you're going to talk about the system then come up with recommendations, if you're going to talk about individuals then make sure it doesn't come across as a personal issue. The latter is the more challenging as the content has potential to leak out without the benefit of the words you've actually written.


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Its an operational issue, borne out of personal experiences. I shall draft and send to the appropriate people. No desire to throw toys out of pram, but want RNR to take action on what is potentially a serious issue.
Is it me or are we getting surveyed every few years now?

I remember the last one being anonymous and you only having to put down your age, specialisation and unit, in order to keep your identity secret!

Maybe they'll keep on surveying us all until we give them what they want to hear?

Email as below sent to all CO:

"Sent: 14 May 2008 16:39
Importance: High

Ladies and gentlemen,

The attached questions are seeking to inform the 2* Strategic Review of Reserves. As ACNS and CMR are eager to capture the breadth of opinion across the Maritime Reserve, DCMR, on behalf of ACNS, has directed that this set of qualitative questions is forwarded to Commanding Officers of Reserve Training Units and other key stakeholders for consideration and response.

The full list of questions is at the attachment and please feel free to cascade to your people. It is requested that COs arrange for the following questions be considered and responded to myself by 30 May 08:

<references here to separate document>

This information and opinion will then form a repository which will inform both the MR SMG and ACNS to pass to the Review Team."

Looks like there's an official response route so speak to your Unit CO rather than direct approach to CMR

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