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Is it possible to get an earlier date with a different AFCO?


War Hero
My medical is booked for the 20th of April- long wait as I just want it over and done with. Worrying about an old injury is driving me crazy :(

Anyway, I have 2 AFCOs fairly close by that I could get to if I had to (not as simple as Leeds as I'd have to persuade my mum to drive me 70 minutes each way rather than 20).

Do careers advisers normally let you go somewhere else? I'd love to get an earlier date.


Ps. I did ring my careers adviser but I was 5 minutes late. I would ring tomorrow but I'm at work all day. If I can get tan answer by Monday, that'd be grand :wink:
Re: Is it possible to get an earlier date with a different A


Your not the only one in this position. At the moment the AFCO are very busy around the country. In London at the moment the earliest medical I can get is now in May. However, the answer to your question is that you should really stay with the AFCO you started with, but there is nothing to stop you physically changing AFCO's. The other thing to do is phone your CA and ask him if he could book you in with another AFCO for the medical. But my gut instinct on this is that you would be better to wait for your own AFCO medical date.

Hope this helps




War Hero
Thanks, SM.

I don't want to physically change AFCOs as it's easier for me to get to the one I'm with. I'll just wait it out then.

Thanks again.


War Hero
As SM states, it's best to stick with the same AFCO unless you are moving geographically & there's one closer.

The clock for joining starts ticking from the Recruiting Test, so an earlier medical may not necessarily mean an earlier entry date.

As it is at present, I'd expect waiting times to begin to lengthen due to the large increase in applicants & re-joiners.


War Hero
I'm not honestly bothered about an earlier entry date, I'd just like to get the medical done so I can stop worrying.

If I have to wait I have to wait.

Thanks guys :)


War Hero
As the venerable Bobby McFerrin say "Don't worry, be happy.", treat this as a mantra for life and you'll be sweet.

I know that worrying about something that could affect your career is natural but does it solve anything?
Give yourself some aversion therapy, if you catch yourself worrying, punch yourself in the Jacobs. See that's given you something else to think about.


Dr.Zoidberg said:
"Good things come to those who wait"

My medical has been brought forward. Significantly. :D :D :D :D :D

Does this mean that you will soon fcuk off and stop posting shite advice?


War Hero
Christ almighty. Deferred to the SMO for an assesment on my skin graft, due to it being such a specialised thing (that and it's fcuking huge)

Could someone please shed some light on whether it's standard procedure and how long it normally takes the SMO to get back to you?

Also, would it be in the same place as my last medical or would I have to go to RN hospital/base?
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