Is it possible for a PM to be charged with neglect on duty?

With yet more defence cuts coming in, delays in new ships etc, robbing other budgets to pay for afghanistan & iraq.
Is it possible for him to be charged with something like that as he is putting the country at risk while pandering to europe & the us?
Dont think he will even serve a full term as PM to be honest.Did you see him on TV yesterday, looked properly glum.The rest of the EU leaders were openly laughing about him, and so they should, because to miss that summit signing he was either stupid, arrogant or both. And if he was displaying his petulance and dissapproval of it by being late, why did he sign it anyway? What a tw$t. Yes, with an "a".
The bloke knows little of defence matters, relying on his minions in that respect.Are they doing their jobs properly?
Public spending is going to be tight over the next few years - we can expect it to be difficult. Suprised the Tories arent making more of it to be honest, but then again their track record is far from perfect. I read somewhere we have a £13billion hole in defence spending - I expect the new CVF to be delayed because of that, if not cancelled. Not the NAvies fault, is it anybodies? We are not a massive nation or power, I hate to say it, but we are now f3ck all, especially in Europe, as the tw£t (with an "a") proved yesterday.
Re: Is it possible for a PM to be charged with neglect on du

Definately 'arrogant' and where did he buy that smalmy grin of his, in the same place Thatcher got her elocution no doubt.

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