Is it one of you buggers?

I was on a "Social Network" site and to be quite frank I was winding somebody up. I had gone the extra mile of ubber crap and so had he/she.

Then the expression " lashed up" is used and a bit later I said I was seen coming and the other end says in response "piped for".

I asked "What fuckin navy you in Jack and the other end does one.
It's one of you bastards innit? And no false confessions as I want the name used. :D :roll:
And since the wind up we pulled at the gardening site, I would like to ask if any other of you lot still get a weekly/monthly magazine offer from Dave's Garden as I do? 8O :(
It's all a big trap, they've been watching me too. It's them high ranking freemasons in the government I tell you. They want to control the World.

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