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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Gemma93, Jan 22, 2011.

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  1. To be gay?

    I know that there's a kinda secret dont ask dont tell policy but last Tuesday something happened.

    I've always fancied men but last tuesday I had an arguement with tim, my sort of boyfriend.

    I got very upset and my mate kaz comforted me, we kissed. I liked it. It went a bit further.

    Is it OK to have a girlfriend in the navy as well as a boyfriend?
  2. Only if you video then YouTube, with a link on here, the developing romantic assignations in Flag lockers etc.
    I'm available for direction of clips or feature length movies.
  3. Did she cram a bowling pin up your gash? I hope so. I like that image.
  4. I think you should write a song about kissing a girl and liking it.

    Hopefully it will become a hit and you can forget about a career in the Navy, thus eliminating your problem
  5. Of course it's OK, however as there is a no touching rule on board you may have to leave all the sexual antics until you go ashore.
    If you let the stokers mess know I am sure that they will help you find a cosy little place ashore, complete with video facilities:love4::drool:^^
  6. Gay is so 90s'.

    Bi is the way to go. I am the pleasureman.
  7. It's not gay to find Gunther hot. Gunther arouses all.
  8. It's fine, but do please remember that your skin will go an appalling semi-jaundiced yellow. I don't know why, but all Dykes have yellow skin. It must be because lesbianism is morally wrong and God is punishing you (or that imbibing cunt juice is like drinking nicotine)
  9. How delicately put. Thank you for explaining. Finesse is clearly at large.

  10. He's right. I had originally though that the manufacturers of baggy arsed denim dungarees put some kind of yellow die in the denim, this was proved not the case. Consumption of twat batter damages the female liver. Natural justice takes hold and the filthy clam jousters are marked for life. You can spot them from miles off thanks to this.

    Well that and their Graham Kavanagh haircuts:

  11. Just don't get caught!!! or if you do can we see the evidence on here first?
  12. I want to throw baby shit at you.
  13. That black sticky shite they pump out when they're a couple of days old is best, it's like stinky superglue.
  14. As long as we get to watch, it's ok.

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