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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, Oct 2, 2010.

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  1. I have been a very happy subscriber to my present e-mail provider for some 10 years.

    To date, after 1000s of e-mails, I have received -
    NO penis extension requests.
    NO offers of viagra.
    Only one long lost Nigerian cousin has contacted me about our lost cash.
    HSBC has only asked for my lost account details once - duh - I'm not even a customer of HSBC.

    So now I'm getting paranoid - does nobody love me? :oops:
    What am I doing wong? :roll:

    And it's my 800th posting on this brilliant site!
  2. :idea: Post your email address here and we'll all see what we can do to remedy your sad situation :twisted:
  3. Breathing :wink:
  4. 8O You called, Wrecker?
  5. Stop playing with sonar benders, you'll get a reputation.
  6. I get over 100 gash e-mails every day. The moral is, don't visit dodgy sites. Once you're on, you're bloody on. :oops:
  7. Get a job with a Schlumberger company, once your details are in their system its spam for life.
  8. Sign up to Gmail and banish them all to the Spam bin
  9. Sonar-Bender, just for you - Today's example of an e-mail that you are not currently receiving:

    THE UNITED NATIONS ORGANIZATION In Conjunction with the International

    Dear Sir/Ma,

    The United Nations Security Council (UNSC), hereby receives your payment with reference number #MVA/UNO/WOB/ML-06-798 amounting to US$10.625,000.00 (Ten Million Six Hundred And Twenty Five Thousand United States Dollars). your said payment is being arranged in a Security-proof box weighing 75kg padded with synthetic nylon.we also confirmed that you have met all statutory requirements in respect of your pending payment.

    We are informing you that your payment is ready to be moved by Swift Bank Transfer (Five working days) to your account or via diplomatic means of cash delivery (Two days) to your door step.Please note that your delivery arrangement will be made to you within 48hours as soon as you respond to this confidential letter by sending the following details:

    (1) Your Full Name:
    (ii)Mobile Number and fax:
    (iV)Delivery Address:
    (V) Payment option (Bank Transfer/Cash delivery):

    Thanks for your co-operation,may the lord be with you.

    Rev Fr Adam Smith

    Director, Special Duties.UNO/ WBF

    Several similar e.g.s here:

    I shall not be replying but do please feel free to respond to:

    Adam Smith <hassanhm_hm>
  10. Y'see, that's just what I mean! I've dipped out of even more cash by not getting this!!

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