is it me or is our pm crazy?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by general_jumbo., Jul 20, 2008.

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  1. Now excuse me if I'm out of touch with politics ( I dont follow them that closely) but at the moment you can see small businesses going bust , the value of our homes going down, thats if your lucky enough to get a mortgage for one , and if you're old and unlucky enough to get a long term illness , you'll have your home took off you to pay for your care ! . So how come it seems whenever I log onto the internet ( bbc home page) I see that clown giving even more of our money away ? Is there some higher finanacial level of thought going on thats beyond me .
  2. This should have been titled 'is it me or is our pm an ********' to which we could all (except finknottle) have replied with an astounding YES
  3. Perhaps it is time to call for a moratorium on all foreign aid and also cut back on public spending until the National debt has been cleared.
  4. I know it's not fashionable to say, and it is definitely un-PC. No doubt some will say it's racist, but Broon definitely has a terminal case of "white man's guilt."

    Unfortunately he's in a position to be "prudent" with our money.
  5. Brown has waited so long to get the top job and is obviously desperate to make a name for himself as a "world class" leader who is able to make big gestures like this. If the UK was to back away from giving money to those countries who need it most we would be accused of not doing our bit for those less fortunate.

    Notwithstanding it does seem mad that we're giving such large sums away to all and sundry when things are beginning to get so bad at home. But when you compare these sums to the billions wasted on welfare payments to non UK nationals and our own workshy, plus that which we give to Brussels and don't get back, the fortunes that are wasted annually in administration and red tape which prevent our police and other services from doing the important work out with the public, etc, etc, etc they are but a drop in a very large ocean.

    The reality is that this really does smack of Brown / Labour playing the fiddle whilst the country burns around him.

  6. [Deleted]
  7. That's enough foreign aid.
  8. Excellent idea!

    When are you running for goverment,my votes on its way?
  9. If he did this that would put him in the History books as a World Class leader
    Well above Bliar and others
    He would be recongnised as pulling BRITAIN out of the sh17 and being an HONEST Poli

    Jack McH aka DOMESTOS Kills all known threads Dead
  10. He was Chancellor for 10 years before stepping in Bliars shoes,yet when he took over he gave the impression that he was new to Government!!
    He forgets he borrowed billions during his time as Chancellor and when Britain was on the up he still kept spending and saving nothing.He even sold our gold bullion at the wrong time.
    Wake up Mr Broon all this sorry mess we are in now is your doing and why isn't he allocating that money to give our troops decent equipment.
    I rest my case
  11. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    finished the honeymoon then? :dwarf:
  12. Is the PM crazy? No, he's just desparate. He is looking for something to make him stand out and put him higher on the list of great world leaders than Tony and George, but his own personal ambitions are ruining this country.

    At the risk of sounding blunt, I say we should adopt the policy "fcuk everyone else", and when we are saving hundreds of millions of pounds on the foreign aid that would never have reached its intended destination anyway, we can perhaps resolve some of the trouble that we are in here.

    It was the same spineless chancellor that got us in to this mess that could, if he had the balls to make such a bold move, drag us out of it. He doesn't seem to realise that he won't be getting re-elected by the Palestinians or anyone else that he gives money to until it starts coming to those that need it at home. Let's dedicate what we have to the citizens of the United Kingdom, rather than every other sod who comes cap in hand.

    Once he has spent enough of his precious time on this country to fix our society which has gone to shit, restored some public confidence and addressed the economy's problems, we can think about where we want to spend any surplus cash that we have in the kitty.
  13. So, it's the week before payday and you are skint.
    Walking back to the dockyard you are approached by stranger who tells you he is homeless and hungry, please could you give him some cash.
    Do you:

    1. Tell him sorry you have no cash

    2. Feel sorry for him so got to the cash machine and draw out a tenner, give it him and feel good. Then remember that you have just put your account in the red so will incur bank charges. Your £10 gift has just cost you £30.

    3. Say tough mate it's your own fault for getting into the situation in the first place.

    Whats it got to do with Brown?
    The country is deeply in debt so can he really afford to give tax payers money away? Was this money voted for by the tax payers representatives our MPs? Or is he able to spend our money as he wishes.
    the time has come for us to have more control over where our taxes are spent. Whatever he gives away you can be certain that none of it will reduce his bank balance in any way, shape or form.

    My answer is 3
    Especially in the case of Palestine. if the population had settled down and put as much effort into making their country profitable as they have fighting the Israeli's there would be no need for aid.
  14. My answer would be 1; people who are in the shit aren't necessarily in that situation because of their own incompetence or greed, or whatever, but how come it's my responsibility to sort it out?

    It sounds pretty selfish, but when we can't afford to help people then thats it, we can't afford to help. If we can afford to help people but our own country is falling apart, then we should choose not to help other people until we are problem free at home. Every time I see our prime minister handing out more money to Johnny Foreigner it makes me cringe. The NHS is crap, the millitary is under-funded and we are over-taxed, and yet it's considered acceptable to pledge all this money to other countries. All of this money should be coming back to the British taxpayer, to improve our quality of life. Anyone else's quality of life is their own problem, not ours!

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