Is it just me........................

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Anchor_Faced_Jack, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. or are more and more people not wearing seatbelts whilst driving ?

    And most of them are young, so they have grown up always having to wear one

    And why do people like to drive with their front fog lights on in good weather ?

    Are our countrys driving standards going down the pan ?
  2. Remove the seat belts and air bags and install large metal spikes on the steering wheel and dashboard.

    Watch the accident rate plummet.....
  3. I've noticed it as well. as you say most of them are young (under 20). I think they do it to try and impress their young passengers.

    As for high intensity rear lights (meant to be an aid to seeing the car in front of you in reduced visibility) why do so many of the [email protected] put them on and dazzle you as they overtake doing 80. If its safe to drive at 70 or 80 then there is no requirement for high intensity rear lights.

    Mobile phones, what law, it certainly isn't being enforced anywhere that I've noticed.

  4. In answer to your forth question , definately Yes , standards dropping in every aspect of driving in this country ,
  5. Traffic is not viewed as a priority by the senior ranks. When I retired from the Met (traffic) there were about 650 officers of all ranks and specialisations to cover the MPD 24/7. It was a bit thin.

  6. What about those people driving at 98 mph on our motorways, what do you think about them AFJ?

  7. Some people will do anything to get away from you x4nd :wink: :twisted:
  8. So nothing to do with going weekend then? :wink: :lol:
  9. Well the idiot Chav kid next door to me never wears one, he's convinced he's safer being thrown clear in a crash in case the car catches fire. The fact he has a bonded in laminated screen and he's going to go 'splat' against it rather than through it doesn't seem to have occurred to his two brain cells… :???:

  10. "Oil_Slick , we get them all the time in our Trauma Theatre & Neuro theatre , thats why 5 years ago I decided to get rid of my car altogether even though I loved driving , thought I'd miss it but dont , certainly dont miss the expense of it & doubt if I'll ever buy another car , hire them when I need one [rarely] ,
  11. How often do people get thrown clear from cars involved in crashes ????

    I'm sure they have to cut more people out than they have to go looking for :???:

    I'd wear a seatbelt everytime...............

    infact I don't feel right if I'm not wearing it :???:

  12. The answer is they very rarely get thrown clear , & even if they do they usualy get degloved of whatever flesh comes into contact with the vehicle there in , not a pretty site , then in comes the plastic surgeons to do there bit if they can , hours & hours of minute work ,
  13. Watched a program on the box last night about the police. In many cases the officers where not wearing their seat belts. These are the same guys who dish out tickets for others not wearing seat belts.
    I am in favour of seat belts and of tickets being issued for failing to comply. However one rule for all should be the case, or are police drivers so good that they are never involved in a car crash?
    These officers should be fined for non compliance after all there is plenty of photographic evidence.
  14. I agree............

    They should set an example, and have to ablide like the rest of us

    you should get points for not wearing your seatbelts...........

    Especialy Taxi drivers, who never seem to wear them :???:
  15. I think certain drivers exempt seat belts under the 1988 RTA:

    Taxi Drivers (but not their passengers!)
    Delivery Drivers on short journeys
    Emergency Services in certain circumstances
    Whilst reversing
    Medical exemption

    I'm waiting to be corrected though.
  16. Are you sure Taxi drivers are exempt TattooDog :?:
  17. Taxi driver are exempt X909, the same as milkmen and anybody from my village!!!
  18. Exemptions from seat belt wearing

    ) the driver of—

    (i) a licensed taxi while it is being used for seeking hire, or answering a call for hire, or carrying a passenger for hire, or

    (ii) a private hire vehicle while it is being used to carry a passenger for hire;

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