Is It Easyy??

How easy is it too get through all the recruitment stages at get to raleigh??
Only i really dont want to fail at anything and then have 2 wait to reapply!! Omg im so nervous about passing all the tests and the interviews and stuff :(

It's as hard as you make it. If you practice for your RT you should be able to get a pass. If you research for your interview, you will be OK. If you have no medical problems then you will pass the medical. If you are fit enough you will be able to pass the fitness test.

Listen to your careers advisor and you will be OK.


hi there charley. its not particularly difficult at all like 'supermario' said its as hard as you make it. if you just stroll into all the different stages with no prior preparation you are most likely going to fail and you will also make yourself nervous.

iv just gone through the entire process and i found it relatively simple it just takes time. i did a lot of preparation mainly so i wasnt nervous and also i didnt want to fail anything and have to reapply i wanted to pass it all first time. the recruit tests arent all that difficult if you revise for them, my careers advisor recommended i bought this book

'Practice Tests for the Armed Forces: Entry Level (Succeed at Psychometric Testing)' search for that on amazon.

the interview is very informal, more like a chat really about your life there's nothing to be nervous about just be yourself and you'll be fine, just make sure you know the job you are applying for inside and out and what you will be doing in basic training at raleigh.

the fitness test is simple just get and do some training. and the medical well there's not much you can do for that i dont think just lose weight if your a bit fat :lol:

hope that helps a bit
I have passed all of the tests. its easy as long as you put the hours in to your revision. just keep up to date on equipment and movments of the navy. Also try and reasearch your particular career. basic maths and english is always good to brush up on because if you have been out of education for any amount of time you become a little rusty. Fitness is a given :wink: . hope this helps. :D
Joint_Force_Harrier said:
charleym92 said:
I wanna go into logistics ... how high has my RT pass mark gotta be??
Shelf stacking, quote]

Hang on...there's also the delights of food warming undertaken by the cabbage mechanics using 'the blander'...

...or even shoe polishing and shirt lifting, sorry I meant ironing undertaken by the crumb brush....

...not forgetting that the pen is mightier than sword and is brandished by the scribbler...


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