Is it cos I is black ?.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Silly magazine :roll:

    And no, it's cuz i iz brikish
  2. FFS is this really national news? A guy probably psyched up at the time writes something stupid on his kneepad before going out to possibly kill/be killed for his country which didn't offend anyone in his unit, or if it did they didn't make a formal complaint or they'd know straight off who he is.
  3. It's the BBC.... innit !....Need I say more ? :roll:
  4. that is amazing, how hard would you laugh if you knew the guy who did that, i would buy him a pint...PMSL classic
  5. I'm with the 'not really news at all' school of thought on this one, but 'amazing'? I must admit I wouldn't laugh 'very hard' if I knew the guy, I would just think 'oh, he's written something a tad controversial'.

    Anyway, this pint for racist jokes. Where do you live? I'm going to be pissed for a week.
  6. This was originally reported mid January when the Soldier magazine was released. It was established early on that his knee pad actually said 'get some pax' as in the kit insurance. This apparently, is quite a common phrase and it is written on the wall of many of the FOBs in the form of graffiti.

    Once again top quality and lightning fast reporting from the BBC. :roll:
  7. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Last time a squaddie photograph caused outrage in the press the outrage bus was stingered within a few hours courtesy of the denizens of ARRSE. Even General Jackson was a passenger and Piers Morgan got kicked off for not having a ticket. This one may go the same way. Those who saw the 'offending' term claimed that the scrawl reads - 'get some PAX' in a reference to (no shit) PAX. A fairly common slogan among Percy in and going to Afghanistan, allegedly. ARRSE has been running the story for seven weeks now, the BBC's GCHQ has been slack.

    The 'offending' bloke is black (20 20 vision me) which while that doesn't mean he could never use the P word, makes it less believable. On the other hand, if a Paki used a the same slogan, it would mean, 'ladies (or chaps), get your gums around this gentleman from the Indian Sub-continent who isn't Indian or Bangladeshi's pole' and no-one would give a fcuk.

    A non story and I see that 2DD has been creating a post at the same time....

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