is it a militrary offense to refuse to have a haircut

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. I've just been informed that the first thing that will happen to me is I'll be sent to have a haircut that's a number 2 all over. I don't want this at all as IU spend a lot on my haiur and have spent a long time growing it. I get it cut every other week at Toni and Guy and it's looking quite good and stylish at present.

    i don't want some amateur barber wizzing over my perfectly crafted hair with some clippers.

    I can't see how they can force me to have a haircut. I can't see it being reason (or law) to throw me out and I certainbly can't see how they can force me to pay for something I don't want.

    So where do I stand on this? Can I carry on training but refuse to have thye sual "grade 2 all over" cut? One thing is for certain, I'll cause a fucjking uproar before I let them cut my hair.
  2. Tough shit will be your answer

    Now you don't seem that commited to military life so do one!
  3. are you going to refuse to do the assault course in case it gets wet and dirty.

    for goodness sake get a grip and join the RAF
  4. Bite!! Bore off mate
  5. Don't feed the troll.
  6. Nails why are you such a PRICK :farao:
  7. Nails you are a complete cnut. With your attitude you wont last five minutes so dont bother. Now fcuk off get a life and dont bother us again. :knob: :tool:
  8. You're a c0ck, go away.
  9. Nails,

    In my day it was a case of 'Hair today, gone tomorrow'.

    Now, take a powder.

  10. ...

  11. Througout your career you will be asked to do things you may find detestable, you may not agree with the reason why. If you cant follow the orders when your given them you and those around you suffer.

    If you just want to wear a uniform, and waste lots of money on your hair may i suggest you join the RAF or the Womans Auxillary Balloon Core

  12. [​IMG]
  13. I got trooped once by a Chief Reg' on a Naval base for having long hair.
    (I was in Civvies at the time). He even took photo's of me as evidence.
    When he asked why it was so long I told him that I couldn't tell him because of the Official Secrets Act, but never the less, was on my way for a haircut at the very moment he laid eyes on me. (True).
    He went ballistic. Like they do when they don't get their own way.
    Anyway, when I was up on my charge the Chief stated his case and mentioned that I refused to give an explanation because of the Official Secrets Act. "Quite right" said the Captain behind the desk, (he had been briefed by this time), case dismissed.
    The Chiefs face was a picture and he never did find out where I had come from. Magic!
  14. Brilliant. What will you think of next. Ten out of ten for your effort to raise the hackles of everyone who has ever served in the Armed Forces. However, your rantings are now wearing a little bit thin to say the least.

    Can't wait for your next wind up. :plotting:

    Shame you missed the train on Monday!!
  15. Don't worry Drakey the :toilet: will be there next week!! :afro: :thumright:
  16. I reckon you're a serving bootneck on the biggest bite ever, however, if you're not then the first time you refuse to do something, your troop gets thrashed, they get round you, you cry, sent home and all is well in the corps again
  17. Like hell this is anything but a wah. Nails has chosen each topic to wind us up to well. Come on who are you realy?
  18. He's the STIG of RR.

    This is him. :glasses6:
  19. Chief Reg ??? Joss, Jaunty, Jossman, Master at Arms etc but "Chief Reg"? Nah...
  20. Yep CPO regulator, just like PO Communicator, not RS or Yeoman.

    Had these discussions many times

    Took a look at their pay statements and it said PO

    All branchches have names for themselves, well some anyway that need to make themselves feel important.

    Oh that is all but the engineers of course.


    CHOPS M, R U

    etc eyc

    Happy XMAS

    lol lol lol

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