Is Israel preparing for another dust up in Lebanon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. It would appear that the Israelis are suggesting that a big Hezbollah attack is like Vesuvious overdue. IS this another preliminary propoganda run to soften us up for a new Israelis strike in Lebanon.
  2. Hopefully
  3. As far as Israel is concerned the next punch up is never far away, it's only a question of who is going to be on the receiving end and when. No doubt there will be plenty of Arab volunteers to go and meet Allah and the Israelis will obligingly assist. :)
  4. Whilst that may well be true will that justify the loss of innocent life?

  5. Fairly simple quotes, but they do resonate...
  6. On the other hand have the Israelis actually created a situation where the palestinians can put down their arms, Israel still steals their land and maintains them in a state where they have to depend almost completely on aid. And perhaps if the Israelis allow the Palestinian children the opportunity to live their parents will hate the Israelis less.

    Neither side can wait for the other to be the first to lay down their arms, it will never happen, they both have to give up trying to achieve military solutions becaause there will never be a military solution.
  7. Of cheap propaganda
  8. I think you missed the gist of the quotes, for one the Arabs to a large degree have stated unequivocally that Israel must be wiped off of the map, however Israel even though they are not blameless will seek a peaceful resolution faster then the Arabs, and lets face it, as for square acreage, the Arabs have a lot more land they can "donate" to the Palestinians if they so wished...but they don't wish....end-ex

    The second one is also obvious, you do not see the Israeli's strapping C4 to their kids chests and telling them that they will be rewarded for murdering innocent children and women (instead of legitimate military targets)...the bottom line is, the Arabs will do anything they can to eliminate the Israeli problem.....we have gone over this over and over, it's like flogging a dead horse, the Israeli's if they truly believe they will be hit, will strike first, too me that's only natural, or do you think they should wait and allow the next wave of rockets to land before they take action?
  9. No I missed no points cheap Propaganda end of story.
  10. Was responding to maxi's post, not yours as yours isn't really a post is it?

    Or am I missing something?, You believe these quotes to be propaganda and so don't see any truth in them?
  11. End of story my ar*e. when these lovely islamists blow up a London bus they are terrorists,ditto when they target the boys and girls in Afwanistan,ditto anywhere else but can you explain why they are suddenly saints when they attack Israel? Same mob,different branches,there is no place in their vision of the world for anyone else.Sufi wants Islamic rule worldwide.
    This from a Professor,not a pretty thing at all.
  12. And people wonder why Israel gets antsy....
  13. Send Tony in - man of steal (sic) - if he is so f***ing brilliant at getting stuff done - go and get it done then!
  14. Whilst I do not support the concept of wiping Israel of the face of the earth, and most arabs do not support the cocept either, it is perhaps understandable that some do support this concept as the Isaelis have cxonsistantly tried to do this to the Palestinian Arab since the 1940s. Israel is not the bringer of peace rather they bring death and destruction to all who oppose the establishment of a state of greater Israel. No the Israelis do not use suicide bombers, why should they when they have 2000lb bombs and 155mm shells, cluster bombs etc etc.

    Israel was form out of Iraeli terrorist action and has been maintained ever since by terroising the Palestinians and it's other neigbhors.

    I see no reason to support the Israelis over the Palestinians, They are both as bad as each other though perhaps the Palestinians have not made themselves as efficient at killing the inocent yet. A pox on both their houses. Until they both realise that killing will not bring peace we are al condemmed to suffer.

  15. MAXI FOR WORLD PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. No.
  17. Why thanks for your support but I suspect you are but a voice crying in the wilderness.
  18. The Red Sea Pedestrians NEVER learn!

    They got run out of Lebanon by Hizbullah in the 80's and very soundly beaten by them again in 2006.

    Can't wait to seem the hugely overrated IDF get their arse handed to them on a plate again. :p

  19. And what about the 850 British civilians, Police and Servicemen murdered by Jewish terrorists between 1945 and 1947?

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