Is Illustrious an aircraft carrier or not?

I know Illustrious used to have fixed wing but there seems to be a lot of confusion as to whether it is an aircraft carrier or not, is it a case that it is no longer suitable to modern fixed wings so we don't consider it an aircraft carrier anymore?
Illustrius was a "Through Deck Cruiser" not an aicraft carrier.
The last aircraft carrier worthy of the name was "Ark Royal" of "Sailor" fame


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Technically I'd suggest it's now a helicopter (or Commando) carrier, same as Ocean always was, same as Hermes was when there were no fixed-wing aircraft in service that could be launched from it.
Can't be an LPH without landing craft. A white elephant, that's what she is.

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She has landing craft, 4 of them, just done many amphibious work with them including 2 deployments in the same TG

Again she is an LPH no longer a CVS
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If required they could still operate Harriers/AV8's from countries who value naval air power so therefore it is an aircraft carrier "when they want it to be". :(

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Lusty has no landing craft I can assure you and LPH stands for Landing Platform Helicopter, and by Landing it means landing troops ashore not landing aircraft.

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She fulfils the LPH role whilst Ocean is in refit as she is the closest thing we have but she is not a true LPH. Ocean is the RNs only Purpose built LPH capable of landing troops ashore by air and sea. It also has a vehicle deck and ramps in addition to the largest hangar in the Navy. Until QEC is commissioned Ocean is the largest ship in the Navy.

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Here is a picture of the Stbd side of lusty taken this year. Where would you put an LCVP? ocean carries 4 on Davits, 2 port and 2 stbd, are you confusing illustrious with ocean thommo? ImageUploadedByNavy Net - Rum Ration1388157361.568645.jpg

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