Is he or isn't he?

Forgive the intrusion but I've become aware of something that just doesn't ring true.

I have a female friend that is under the impression that she is dating a Royal Marine Captain but I'm not so sure.The bits that are sounding the alarms are:

a. He deployed with 42 Commando in March and will be completing his tour in August/September.I have muckers in 19 Bde that have headed out to Afghanistan recently to replace 3 Cdo Bde so how is 'he' not back until August/September?
b. He is with Landing Craft Company?Is there such a thing with 42 Commando?
c. He regularly uses msn on his mobile while deployed. Do the Royal Marines allow personal mobiles on op tours?

Now,if I'm wrong then I wil be quite happy to apologise to all concerned but I don't think I am.

I do know this guys name so pm if you want to help.
He may have well deployed with 42 but could be seconded from a Raiding Squadron. He may be a LC (Landing Craft) specialised Officer (LC1).
I would have thought that chinese whispers between your female friend and you are setting your Walt whiskers twitching, how well is she aquainted with the RM and does she have the same concerns or is it just you?
Have you served?


Lantern Swinger
Maybe he has been economical with th truth.

Landing craft? Deploy March, return August?

Sounds a bit like Taurus 09 deployment.

Can you PM me his name~
Mob 1

If you want more info on this go to the unoffical Royal Marine website,
"ONCE A MARINE", they are very good at sniffing out Walters, the can have an answer for you sometimes in hours if not days.
They in the act of tracking a few down now, the are all ex or serving Royal Marines.
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