Is Freedom of Speech in danger of being Eroded

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. Are we in danger of our right to freedom of speech being taken away.
    I am no supporter of the BNP or their members. However news following the not guilty verdict of Nick Griffith I was dissapointed to see that the government are considering tightening the laws on religious hatred.

    One point of view:

    I have never read the Koran but if what Grifith is reported to have said is taken from this book then he has a right to express his opinion. If he is telling lies and the content of the speech he made is untrue then he deserves to be prosecuted.

    Surely freedom of speech is worth more than the hurt feelings of any religious group?
  2. Forgive me if i'm wrong those in the know out there but i would have thought that the barristers involved in this case would have got a researcher to read through the Quran to find out if said items are true. In light of the fact Mr "wonky eye" Griffiths has been found not guilty on the grounds of insighting racial hatred then i suspect he was maybe correct!! I would say that Mr Bliar and his ugly friend Mr Brown who appeared on the news calling on tougher laws on racial hatred is pandering again to the muslim voter seeing as labour are in the shit!! Q. Doesn't Islam mean peace? Why then do they parade on British streets calling for death to enemies of Islam? They should be grateful they aren't still living in shit and squalor in their parent country. Mind you looking at some of the houses i go into at work, nothing has changed!!
  3. Whilst i have no truck with the BNP, they should be free to say what they like. After the parade of the Muslims with their Behead all Infidels banners etc, not one single thing was done about it, but the greatest danger of all is that the Government are running scared, and because of the fear of the British People, who might just vote for the BNP, as a protest or otherwise, they try to change the rules.We are already in a Police state or has no-one noticed? Freedom of speech? anyone remember the Old Age Pensioner at the last Labour Meeting? Or the young lady who read out the names of the dead from Iraq?
  4. I too must point out that i'm not in the pay of our BNP friends but am sick to death of being told what i can and can't say by politicians who have had zero life experience and are out for their own ends. I was absolutely appalled when i saw those banners being paraded around our streets and our "take the chip out" Police service standing by a doing nothing.
    I wonder how if many of our WW2 veterans would have laid down their lives if they had known it would have come to this. I doubt it!! :(
  5. I believe anyone should be as entitled to villify religion as the religious are free to villify those they hate. What the religious fundis want is to be able to spread hatred themselves whilst being immune to any criticism. It looks like many of us will be going to prison to defend free speech - and taking the fight all the way to Strasbourg. As an infrequent recipient of "religious compassion" (the most recent letter arriving and being shredded last week) I will not keep silent. The way things are going, we will soon turn a blind eye not only to death threats made by religious fanatics but also murder itself. We should not wander blindly, like male sheep to the slaughterhouse. We should stand-up for the right to free speech for all, not just for religious preachers.

    End of mini-rant! :x
  6. I think the BNP trial was more of a trial to prove to the BBC and of course our wonderful set of law makers that the country does not really see the world in the same subdued light. I think they will be making a law next to stop people talking about the government! Small beginnings!!

    Free speech has always been a right in this country . If it was libellous then let the hurt party take it to court and argue .Wanna slag off religion
    let the religeous parties take it to court.
    Sticks and stones break my bones but names can never hurt me.

    As the old saying goes---------I do not agree with the speakers words but I will fight for his right to say them.
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I fully support freedom of speech, if only it were that simple!

    Freedom unfortunately comes with responsibility, just because I can say anything I want doesn't mean I should. If I know something I am to say will offend, I have then to consider what is my motive for saying it!

    I want to have the freedom to say what I want, to express my view, I currently (almost) have the right to do that. If speech is free why does 'kill those who don't support Islam' offend me more than 'bomb the vivisectionists' (which still offends me, but not to the same level) This argument is futile, freedom of speech is important, but understanding the responsibility of that freedom is far more important.
  8. I was absolutely appalled when i saw those banners being paraded around our streets and our "take the chip out" Police service standing by a doing nothing.
    I wonder how if many of our WW2 veterans would have laid down their lives if they had known it would have come to this. I doubt it!! :([/quote]

    The story below was also in a couple of nationals.

    An NHS worker that vented his anger at Bliar for the years of cuts to hospitals by shouting "boo" was taken to one side by two coppers, searched and his name, address and telephone number were taken, he was not released until this was varified.

    He was a nurse of some 20 years standing, never been in trouble with the police, and was detained under the recent anti terror laws.

    Had he been part of the Islamist hate mob quoted above I expect he would have got a pat on the back by the local boys in blue, equality, it's a great thing!

    Remember you can say "boo" to a goose but not to a prime minister (and if you think I'm going to use capital letters for that idiot, you'll have a long wait)

    Free speech? in the country that fought so hard for freedom, think again.
  9. Freedom of speech is only allowed so long as the Govt of the day agrees with what you are saying...
  10. It is nothing new. For many years Police in the sticks to find unlimited bodies to protect hunt meetings and prevent prtestors from using roads, footpaths etc. on very spurious grounds. Now the law has reversed the situation they say they can not enforce the new laws because of man power shortages.

    Its all to do with who holds power and purse strings.


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