Is dyslexia a condition that stops you from Entry?


Pretty simple question, I am dyslesic and would like to know if this would stop me entering as an officer. I passed the normal entry test (from the WOs laugh when I asked my score followed by "dont worry you passed" I assume with a decent mark) and did not find it difficult. Iam aiming for E(IS), finishing off my Degree at university and would not like something that I do not think has presented a problem yet to stop me achieving what I really want to do!

Any reply is welcome.


War Hero
As long as you pass the selection process the dyslexia should not prevent you passing Officer training.

Good luck.

(If the search function was working, which it isn't, it would have revealed this current thread. )


I did do a search, cheers for the link. I did not know if the officer enrty would be set to a different standard. That's one more thing off the list. All ive got to do now is to lose another 2 stone!

thanks for the quick reply.
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