Is Deportation with their Families a Deterent?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Sep 9, 2011.

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  1. Carnt its against their "Umin Wights" nice thought though.
  2. Good idea, start a petition. I'll sign it.
  3. They should all have been given an extra 8 years for being so damn ugly.

    In answer to your question trelawney126, he should serve his full sentence and his immediate family if they are not British should be deported without delay to their country of origin.
  4. As someone who is to the right of Gengis Kahn I believe that the death penalty be reintroduced for acts of Treason.
    Nuff said
  5. Check it out slim, I don't think many agree with you on that one.

  6. No just send all the terrorists back to their country of origin with a provisio that if they are 1st/2nd generation of imports who now hold UK citizenship they can be stripped of their citizenship and deported. I fail to see the logic of people who advocate violence against a society that cares for their health, provides an education and ensures that they are housed and fed. If they are that keen and wish to live under Sharia law or any other than that established in this country, just emigrate,or join the RAF.
  7. I take it that you accept that these rather objectionable chaps are British citizens then? Don't forget, they are darkies.
  8. Darky or Honky I do not descriminate, terrorism is terrorism no matter what colour or creed of the person(s) carrying it out.
    As is Treason.
  9. Don't let anymore in..That will be a start.

    Death penalty for the child abuse of any age.
    Death penalty for the scientifically proven 1st degree murder.
    Death penalty for proven plans to act in terrorism against our country.

    Or not, just let this country become a non working, non English speaking, league of nations and terrorism hub.

    What do i know?? Nothing, so ill just do the best thing and make a brew.
  10. Anymore what?

    And what if a white bloke from Stevenage conducts an act of Terrorism, should we kick his immediate family who were unknowing of his plans out of the country too? If not, why not? "Terrorism is terrorism".
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  11. Anymore what? mate common sense which im sure you have would of seen you see i am talking about asylum seekers, or so called hard working eastern Europeans that don't work hard. Terrorist are either born in a foreign country or born here and learn the fighting trade over in Pakistan, or African countries were terrorism acts are taught. So stop letting good for nothing asylum seekers in, sort this shite country out and protect the future.

    Yes there are White British born and bred terrorist, so killing the bastards would be fighting the crime.

    Same again, what do i know, its just an opinion, we all have them whether we agree or not.
  12. Many do, some may not. We're not exactly bustling with a nation of personnel who hold a strong work ethic ourselves. Britain is multi cultural and multi racial, get used to it. It's not going to change. You should be proud of that. 99% of the Eastern Europeans you talk of aren't asylum seekers anyway, they're legal immigrants. The rest are from various conflicts we rightly provided asyum for. I suggest you watch a BBC drama called "Warriors" and consider whether you believe Eastern European muslims did not deserve a chance of asylum in this country. Providing asylum has it's place.

    For reference: An asylum seeker is a person who has fled their own country and applies to the government of another country for protection as a refugee.

    According to the United Nations Convention and Protocol relating to the Status of Refugees (the Refugee Convention), a refugee is a person who is outside their own country and is unable or unwilling to return due to a well-founded fear of being persecuted because of their:

    Membership of a particular social group

    Terrorism: 'The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.' There are plenty of "Britons" who can be defined as terrorists, acts don't have to be taught, just an ideal planted in a mind. As for those who have made this country their home and have nipped over to Pakistan to learn how to fire and manoeuvre and stick some ball bearings in a tub and stash it in a wall, you can count those huge numbers in their dozens.

    Not every Asylum seeker is a terrorist, nor are they a leech on society. Had you been raised in a warzone, (you're from Bolton so you should be able to emphasize a fair bit here.) would you not seek a better life? Put it this way, if someone said to you "Hey buddy, life ain't too great there is it? I'll give you £1,000,000 a month to come and live in a free beach apartment in Honolulu." I am pretty sure your answer wouldn't be "Actually pal, thanks but I wouldn't want to be seen as a sponging workshy layabout." Perspective, to some people a life in a 2 bed terraced house in solihull where they are given access to an education, work and funds to aid is an equivalent to the Hawaii beach hut scenario for you or I.

    Advocating the death penalty is a road that Britain really, really does not want to go down for reasons that should be frankly obvious. The fact that we on the whole shun acts as barbaric and dangerous as this should again be another reason to be proud of ourselves. We decry stonings in Iran, because killing someone, no matter what is inherently wrong. Not only that, we don't always convict the rigt people do we?

    There are certainly issues to be corrected with regard to immigration and sentencing but labelling all asylum seekers terrorists and all immigrants themselves as lazy and a burden is as short sighted and idiotic as me labelling everyone who advocates the death sentence a mong. It's judgemental and wrong.
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  13. Jesus MLP cracking response..But i still stand with my opinion, whatever race, nationality or gender if you are a terrorist against this country you deserve to die, as the intention is to kill our citizens.

    yes i am from Bolton and this town is ridden with non working foreigners, when i was at school most classes had a translator, when i am shopping most prices are in a number of languages, English not being at the top, when i am in town drinking, being a white, young English male i am a minority, yes i have black, Asian and European background mates, they are not terrorist and they work hard, but in this town, where my opinion has been forged, we are a minority.

    I have been brought up on a multi raced estate, i never said that was wrong.

    I believe in corporal punishment in schools, and severe penalties for crimes, if you kill with intent and it is scientifically proven, in my opinion you should die, yes i would of lost mates to this punishment but if you do the crime, you should pay.
    Sorry i could not do such a intelligent, and politically correct response to your post, it may seem a lazy and mongfull mindset i have but it is my opinion.

    Pedophiles, terrorists and rapist have no place on this earth.

    Hard working, law abiding and polite humans do.
  14. Monty
    I agree with much of your post, however I feel that there is a requirement for the ultimate punishment barbaric as it may be.
    Also though I believe that genuine asylum seekers should be helped, I also believe that those who have grasped the lifeline thrown to them who later when established try to screw the system either through abusing the benefit system or acts against the state should be returned to country of origin.
    We do have of course more than our fair share of home raised scum, this problem seems to have grown in proportion to benefit increases (given by governments of ALL colours). Time for benefits to be earned and not freely given, most benefit recepients could give something back to the community.
  15. Agree with that slim, to many people i see with my eyes, in my town are sitting in the pub all day everyday with there benefit money, yes benefit should be there, but it shouldn't be enough to sit in the pub all day it should pay bills, put food on the table and a roof over there head. But work should be the incentive and benefits earned. All the saved cash could keep the upcoming children busy, in youth clubs, which have ALL been closed round here, putting posts up to play sports and keeping Bolton clean and tidy.

    Just too add i have worked for 5 years since leaving school, never been late, never been ill and never missed a day, so these 6 week i'm off with a broken leg i believe i deserve to sit in the pub and enjoy my 'fit note'...I have worked hard so i should receive a benefit now needed.
  16. Woah there fella, I'm not having a pop, as you said, we are all entitled to an opinion and I completely respect that and I firmly agree with:

    With regard to the death penalty, I'm not going to bang on about it too much as it's off topic but in my eyes it is often an easy way out for the perpetrator themselves. Why should they have this luxury? I would rather we had legal and prison reform, life meant life and they spent decades in abject misery to think about what they have done and eventually, through natural causes die alone and remorseful. This is a whole different topic though.

    Slim: I agree with your points ref handouts. The subclass of the idle is of our own making, we have created a monster. It is often these people who are first to blame others (mainly immigrants) when they are criticised for their choice to simply exist. This part of our society is breeding and growing like a cancer, ensuring their children who have no role models or guidance follow the same path. I personally am infinitely ore fearful of this particular national threat than the "war on terror" which I have always seen as an ugly sideshow in order to avert the eyes from our own social implosion, ably assisted by the red tops and trash magazines.
  17. Actually i should state that my apology for my lack of knowledge was true and not a sarcy comment, i am stating the opinion of which i have gained through life and not what i have learned by others, so it actually could be wrong, i wholeheartedly believe i should know more about a subject which is a strong personal belief, so i hope that is straight.

    As for prison terms that would cost a fortune keeping them in a cell for 40/50/60 years, that's why i think one bullet would be better. But as we both agree opinions are rightfully respected, as i respect your posts on the thread.

    Also you are right it is off topic, so to answer the original question, 'would i send all the family home of a convicted terrorist'

    No i would not as most would probably be sent packing up towards my end of the country!!

    I would kill the convicted. 'If' my brother/sister/mum or dad was a murderer or wouldn't make me one. But they would deserve the ultimate punishment.
  18. Here we go again, ‘the hang em high brigade’. It is my opinion that it is wrong for this reason, if someone has been found guilty of a capital offence and it is proved at a later date that they were innocent you cannot bring them back to life after their neck has been snapped, having said that a life sentence should mean what it says, you leave prison in a wooden box.
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  19. Are you talking about a white bloke from Stevenage who is British as are his immediate family?

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