Is Clegg any better than the others.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. All through the campaign Clegg has put himself and to a large extent his party forward as the only 'clean' ones yet simply be rechecking the expense info they already had the Torygraoph claims that Clegg was chanelling political funds through his personal bank account.

    In the end is Clegg like those wonderful e-mails we get, just a little to good to be true?
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Maxi his problem now is that he will be subjected to a lot more scrutiny than before. Look for a dramatic drop in his position in the polls in the near future. I think it was the Mail yesterday that claimed he had three new kitchens in six months
  3. The Tory press are going balls out to smear him; no surprises there.

    I think you are right, once he comes under scrutiny, his ratings will drop.

    The Lib Dumbs would like to take us into the Euro and surrender whatever sovereignty we still have to Brussels and that, IMHO, is reason enough not to vote for them.
  4. The simple answer to that is ________NO
  5. He's not got my vote yet. I live in a Lib Dem region.
  6. Hey it's not just the Tory press, the biggest losers will be Labour even if they do have the most seats, if they form a government they will be forced into an early election, unless they make Clegg PM and that is very unlikely
  7. I'm sure Nick Clegg is a very nice chap. He's probably more honest than the average politician. He seems to communicate well. He appears to be able to lead his party. He even has quite a good team around him, Vince Cable for example. But the problem is his party, or more precisely, their policies. I couldn't disagree with them very much more unless Nick Clegg stood on stage saying "I agree with Alex."
  8. I was watching the BBC news channel last night, Vince Cable came across as a bumbling man when quized about the figures he came up with. He just dribbled
  9. I didn't see that, but was that as a result of their unworkable policies, as he has always seemed on the ball before? I would much rather have Vince Cable as Chancellor of the Exchequer than Oliver Letwin, who comes across as toadlike (and I don't mean that in a good way).
  10. Can't remember exactly but he was asked to explain his figures after the people quizing the three policitians asked how he came up with it after it appears Labour had already given those figures and he had seem to have just copied them, he went into a drooling heep. It just didn't go well for him and made Alistair Darling look better than he was. George Osborne just was rubbish imo
  11. I think Cable is beginning to crack under the spotlight. He was caught out larging himself up in terms of his realtionship with the treasury just before the election and had to retract some comments. Now he is being put under the spotllight on his budgetary plans and they seem to be no more costed than any one else.
  12. To be honest, and I suppose there is a question of whether or not that is neccessary when discussing polititions, I think old Cleggy has benefited from too little scutiny as have his policies, all very nice but he will never gat anywhere so we don't have to worry. All of a sudden he has one good night and oh shit, he might get somewhere and he comes under a lot more scrutiny and perhaps he is neither as clean or as clever as he seemed.

    Why did he shovel this researchers salary through his private bank account? Has he really thought out his immigration plans, is he planning to take us into the euro at parity, the list of questions grows and so far very few answers, and his key man cable is starting to crumble.
  13. Most people are willing to look at an option to the usual old fight between the 'Two'

    It illuminates the real problem we are having with politicians ( and not just here) They are all believing themselves and are out of control,
    government is about 'Doing', not rhetoric.

    The electorate needs to batter them and force them to do the job they are meant to do 'Look after Great Britain'

    Read what it says on the tin?
  14. Simon Hughes of the Lib Dems in my opinion got politically raped by the interviewers on BBC2. From what I've recently seen they're not doing them selves any justice.
  15. I'm sure it isn't the first time he's been bumraped by a politician or otherwise!!!

    8O 8O
  16. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Face it. They're all gash. You've got Gordon and his team of incompetents. 13 years of promises, all we are left with is economic doom and two conflicts that are going to bum us up the shitter for many years to come. You've got Cameron, who will basically isolate us from Europe and make public spending obsolete, and lay off more people into poverty. Then you've got Clegg who, despite his golden-boy honeymoon hasn't really got a potential cabinet to speak of but seems to be hoovering the popularity vote up because the other two are so odious. This isn't the way to run a country. You shouldn't have to choose a 'best of worst' candidate, and place your tick in the box of a party of whom you'd agree with less than 25% of their policies. I want one of these berks to speak to me about reality - how much debt are we in and what are you going to do about it? I want someone to justify Trident for once ... and stop blathering about 'this dangerous world' and how we need to safeguard our future whilst rubber stamping wars we don't really have a part of. I want one of them to appeal to me regarding immigration, talk some sense into what and who we have, how many we will have and how they will effectively get rid of those who have no right to be here. I want to know how much more tax I am going to pay to bail out the country's economy and what fire-trap are being installed to prevent the risky business end of banking from the normal, people end of banking.

    Its not much to ask for, is it?

  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I don't see the LibDems as having enough depth or experience to form any sort of cohesive government, I haven't yet read anything by them that remotely resembles any sort of policy document on future intentions, its always easy when you are always coming third and have no chance of forming the ruling party, not so easy when it comes to putting it on the table in a workable form. The only thing that has come over to me from their utterings is the desire to join the Euro, that would be right after the Germans decide to leave it which has been muted lately.

    I agree with Thommo, Cable came over as a wreck last night and floundered on his own statements when challenged.

    Let hope tonights debate gives a bit more substance and penetrating questions and a lot less mud slinging between the three of them. I firmly believe that the one that has the guts to stand up and say the following has the best chance.

    1. Clamp down on benefit scroungers, including those coming in from the EU and getting things like child allowance with no checks being made.
    2. Clamp down on aid abroad until UK Plc is sorted.
    3. Repatriation of all those illegally in the UK.
    4. One or two pence on income tax to sort out our present financial mess. Leave VAT alone as it affects the poorer members of out society more than those better off.
    5. Freeze on any futher tax hikes in fuel duty.
    6. Managers in the NHS being reduced in numbers, the same goes for for the Race Relations and Sexual diverity movement and Government Advisors.
    7. Reduction in both the numbers of MP's and House of Lords members, both Houses to be fully elected.
    8. Block of flats to be built on the Chelsea Barracks site for all MP's and Lords needing accomodation, it would be free, you don't have to use it but no claims if you don't.
    9. A properly thought out Defence Review, including Trident, but looking to the future and not just the present conflict(s).
  18. They'd all say it but none would have the balls to do it.
  19. And don't forget to fix the fcuking potholes !! :wink:

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