is CIS a good choice?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by katie_whiteside, Jan 16, 2011.

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  1. i sat my navy test on the 17th november last year and wanted to join personal logistics (writter) but i didnt make the mark for that job. i did get given a list of other jobs to choose from, and CIS being one of them. I have chose CIS after doing some research, do you think that it is a good choice>

    thanks :)
  2. On the basis that this is a question from a genuine new member, my answer would be what do you think?

    I don't mean to be rude OP but at the end of the day, you have to do the training and you'll be the one doing it for a good few years.

    At the moment I'm working with a guy who admits that he was effectively told that he was going to Uni and that he only did the course because he couldn't think of anything else to do. You can see he has no real passion for what he does, which is sad when you think he has the next 40 yrs of doing the same infront of him

    If you really want to do the logistics role is there any chance you could resit the tests?

    If this is not a genuine new member, then I despair, I really do.
  3. No i am a genuine member,
    i was just looking for a bit of advice from someone maybe in this area of work

    but thanks for your advice
  4. KW

    May I suggest that you change your log-in name to something which doesn't identify you?
  5. i guess ill have to experiance it for myself then, but thanks again

    they said i didnt meet the required mark for writte, that was all >

    thanks again for your help and advice
  6. No offence meant but it does appear to have been - as they say - a slow newbie month and it looks like boredom has set in.

    Have you had a look on the RN website as they often do 'live chats' with serving members of the RN and there might be one for CIS. Don't know how good they actually are or if there is even one but you never know.

  7. and how do i do that?
  8. The other thng to ask yourself is what do you enjoy doing, and how would the role of CIS fit in with this (And possibly the other choices you have)
  9. When you look at this PDF, highlight the duties with a highlighter pen and ask yourself the questions "Would I enjoy doing these things on a day-to-day basis? Would I be interested in my work, would I want to progress further in this job via promotion?".

    Highlight the qualities a CIS should have. Ask yourself whether you possess those qualities.
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  10. It's horses for courses. For some people CIS will be a good choice, for others it may not be a good choice. Its down to you as an individual to decide if you will enjoy the job or not.

    Take the advice from Jimbo and Sol.
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  11. I am an ex CRS (CPO(CIS) in new money and to be honest and frank with you the job may not be exactly what you expect.

    A) You will be shiftworking (Watchkeeping) whenever you are at sea, so think disrupted sleep pattern every day of your time aboard the ship.

    B) Part of your job when working in the Main Communications Office (MCO) will be dealing with messages, which are sent and received on a computer using windows based systems. You will not be an administrator until you reach Senior Rate level and will be sent on the appropriate courses at Collingwood. You will also be responsible for tuning the transmit and receive radios, which vary from ship to ship. There are times when you will use voice procedures on 'radio nets', along with using ships portable radios and Bowman equipment. Data links, air communications and many others are also high on the list of communications priorities. It can be very busy in the MCO and it can also be very slow, depending on what the ship is doing.

    C) There are also many other duties and tasks, such as whole ship ones; stores party, fire fighting, duties at weekends as well as the weekdays, cleaning and a whole plethaura of other jobs to long to list here.

    If you want any further help, then please feel free to Private Message me and I will try to assist.

    I really enjoyed my time as a Communicator and would recommend it, but as the others have said, horses for courses.
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  12. Im going in as CIS. I think its a good choice for me, but other people may not be suited to it!

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