Is Campbell getting worried.

Sir John Chilcot has insisted that the Iraq inquiry is committed to produce a report which is “balanced, fair and accurate” in the face of criticism by former Number 10 spin doctor Alastair Campbell. Mr Campbell, a key witness in the inquiry, wrote to Sir John yesterday to complain about evidence submitted by Major General Laurie. He said: “I do not know and have never met Major General Laurie, and was not aware of any involvement he might have had in the September 2002 dossier on Iraq’s WMD.” Major General Laurie, the former head of Defence Intelligence, claimed that Mr Campbell's dossier into WMDs was drawn up ''to make the case for war''.


I hope so.
If the so-called dodgy dossier was in fact a good solid assessment of the facts that were known at the time then Campbell has nothing to worry about.He does appear to be twitching a little and worrying tht Chilcott may unpick his and Blair's carefully constructed story.What we also know is there were no WMD so very little in the dossier and it's dire warnings were of any value.
The dossier was made before the invasion...So nothing in it can be guaranteed, it was an assessment of the situation as seen at that time by the various departments. You can bet your bottom dollar that those who made these assessments would have been hand picked for their "positive" attitude towards invasion. Those were probably chosen by Blair and Campbell, both men rather adept at understanding the law, and both men who would stop at nothing to further their own abitions. Terminological inexactitude, rigidly defined areas of doubt and uncertainty, or just plain lies. It matters not a jot to most politicians, standfast Betty Boothroyd and Anne Widdicome.
And you honestly expect Mr Chilcott to come up with a report which tells the electorate......"They were lying!" Fat chance.
" was an assessment of the situation as seen at that time by the various departments...."

Would one of those departments have been looking at someone's thesaurus found on the internet complete with poor grammar and spelling mistakes?
God bless <ctrl> C and CTRL V
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No it would not. I write it as I wish to express myself. Unbounded by the restrictions others seem to tie themselves into. English is an ever evolving language init. Who in this day and age gives a toss, apart from your good self. :plotting:
Let's stick to the big issues in the topic please and not get sidetracked with petty grammar issues for goodnessake.....T126 expressed himself well enough and I've not met many, myself included, who have not made grammatical cock-ups on here at times. It's not important and shaming people serves no good purpose.

I, for one, am hoping this brings out the few stalwarts who gave up their positions for their principals to add their tuppenceworth......Claire Short and Glenda Jackson are two politicians I respect hugely for what they did at this point....I don't agree with their politics but they were two of precious few willing to stand up to that grinning bastard Blair.....if ever there was a man who deserves to die it is him. He sold this country and it's values right down the river in the shortest time span ever and I hope he ends up with a monumental glob of shoite across his butt-ugly mug.
Oops, you have taken my comment wrongly. I was discussing the thesaurus that the Labour Party spin machine had found online and used that as one of the reasons for invading Iraq. Complete with its spelling and poor grammar.

I certainly wasn't commenting about any posters on this thread.

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