is Brown to scared of the frontline

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ateohwun, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. gordon brown rejects the idea of an election, but "promises" bring home troops as a knee jerk reaction to improve poularity, what say you my oppos.
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Two completely separate issues... :?
  3. Good call on both counts Gordon.
  4. Britains biggest ********. I said right from the begining he wouldn't, he is total coward and knows his arse will be kicked when it happens.
  5. NotmeChief, not a Gogsy fan then? Rest assured when our Prime Minister does call an election and he will decide when that suits the party best we will win again as the Tories have nothing to offer and it won't be long before Cameron gets stabbed in the back in true blue tradition. =)
  6. If Gordon Brown wanted to see his vision of Britain through why not call an election?

    Surely he would have won as he stated!
    He would then of had at least 5 years to see his vision through!

    By calling an election we could of decided if we wanted him as our PM. I know that the last election the people voted Labour with Tony as the head man and not Gordy. Give the people the chance to show how much they want him!!

    By the way, the comment about providing assitance to all locals who have helped the Brits during the Iraq conflict since Jan 2005 to Aug 2007, the wording on the documents being given to the guys out in Iraq has a line that says:

    Quote "if you meet the criteria laid out above you MAY be entitled to make a claim" un-quote

    Why might they only be entitled to make a claim, and even then there is no saying that they will qualify. I'm sure he said something different in his speech to the commons or am I hearing him wrong. Its probably just more spin.

    Gordy is scared to call because he knows that at best he would have a Hung Parliament. Spineless
  7. Spineless No, Wise Yes. =)

    Who gives a shit about the Arabs that have helped us in Iraq, they are all shifty twats IMO.
  8. I think Gordon has just been reminded of what he should have remembered when he took office, your 'friends' may not have quite the same agenda as yourself. Why did his young turks want an election, because for them it was a win win situation Gordon wins they get the glory and juicy jobs, he loses and they get an early pop at the leadership post themselves. It has been apparent though since his elevation that the polls are very volatile, and thus any apparent lead for any one is an illusion.

    As for the Iraqi assistants, whilst as Finky you may not care a shit, letting them know that may not be good for our lads out there so if you do support our lads in the field then keep your mouth buttoned and show support for our forces local staff.
  9. Why have none of you asked this question yet? If Brown has a "vision" for the country, why as chancellor did he not implement any of these "visions"? Seems to me he should lay off the brown bottle as he's got blurred "vision".
  10. Gordon Brown's only "vision" as Chancellor was to see the UK expand on its PSBR in order to fund his personal plan to solve all of societies ills by throwing money at the problem, and damn the consequences or lack of planning.

    He himself is quoted yesterday as saying that he thinks that he would have won a majority if there were an election in the Autumn. If that is the case, then he should have called the election, apparently destroyed the opposition and get rid of the question of a mandate for 5 years. At best he has proven to be a liar, at worse he's shown himself to be a yellow-bellied chicken.

    As for the ignorance of some posters regarding the employment of local support staff, pitiful. Your xenophobia is only extended by you short-sighted inaneness.
  11. onOslo, couldn't agree more with your comments regarding local support staff. Obviously the poster has never served there or he would understand that by putting their arses on the line for us, we should appreciate that by giving them options. I for one would welcome someone that's risked all for the UK in their own country rather than some illegal who we then have to sustain for years for nil return.
  12. They took the risk because they were paid to, just like any other mercenary. Tell me would you have the same empathetic feelings for a Brit who had helped the Germans in WW11?

    Maybe you two chaps would like to tell me why having served in the Middle East is a prerequisite for forming an opinion regarding this issue?
  13. You are right you can have an opinion on whatever subject you like, it's just that some opinions are best kept to ourselves. Surely a UK citizen helping the Germans was helping the enemy and therefore a traitor; a la Joyce. Surely a better analogy would be how we treated those Germans that helped us. That said your comment is nonsense and shows a complete disregard for those that have put their lives on the line for us and their country (many of them have of course died). Do you honestly believe that their only motive is financial reward or are you really so callous?

  14. Dear old Finkie, you can have as many opinions of your own as you like, just don't expect every one to agree with you. You do seem to ignore the point that looking after these 'mercenaries' after we have no need for them is actually good for our lads out there now. Or do you consider them to be merely mercenaries too who should be abandoned to their fate like the locals.
  15. On expressing opinions on RR:

    "Sir, will you troop me for saying that you're an idiot"

    "Of course. Discipline at all times is needed."

    "And Sir, will you troop me for thinking that you're an idiot?"

    "Of course not. I can't regulate your thoughts"

    "In that case, Sir, I think you're an idiot"

    The local support staff were not strong-armed into helping the UK forces in the area. They weren't threatened with beating, jail and torture unless they interpreted for us, drove us around, etc. They volunteered and got a wage. In doing so, they, like many others, expected conditions to ameliorate, for law and order to rule over the area. It didn't, and those same individuals are faced with threats to themselves and their families. We are morally bound to ensure their welfare.

    By your logic, we ought to get rid of Forces support, of Forces medical facilities, get rid of BSA, screw LOA, and all of those things that you get from being in the Forces other than your pay package. After all, we're all mercenaries, right?
  16. It may help you to understand that not all of them are, as you so eloquently put, 'shifty twats'

    edited to correct a word
  17. finknottle, you seem to miss the point altogether. As a practising socialist I would have thought that you were all for having love ins with people wanting to come to this country. The way you talk about mercenaries makes me think we should start a petition to get rid of the Ghurkas. Somehow I don't think anyone will sign it so i'm not going to bother. Damn it!
  18. I think the problem is Finkie sounds more like an unreconstructed Stalinist rather than a lovey NuLaborite.
  19. Of course when a member of our Armed Forces is serving out there he/she gets invited 'Up Homers' for tea and stickies which gives him/her a better understanding of the Arab philosophy! =) You could learn more about them with a trip to the souk in Dubai.

    As for 'shifty twats' there may be the odd one or two that can be trusted but look at the way their police and armed forces has been infiltrated by scoundrels. I would not trust one further than I could spit.
  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    "As for 'shifty twats' there may be the odd one or two that can be trusted. Just look at the way their police and arme forces has been infiltrated by scoundrels." quote finky

    Are we talking about new liebour and the UK forces here? :thumright:

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