Is Brown attempting to suffocate the Chilcot Inquiry?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Dec 5, 2009.

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    It's my opinion that a senior judge should be heading this enquiry not Chilcot and that witnesses should be placed under oath and why hasn't Hans Blix been called to give evidence, another expensive whitewash me thinks.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Hutton, Butler. They were expensive whitewashes, you dont seriously think this will be any different do you? That bloke Chilcot was apparently picked because he was seen to be the least effective inquisitor on previous enquiries.

    It's a sham, one can only hope they are investigated again when labour are out of power.
  3. I wish someone would suffocate Brown!

  4. Cyclops doesn't need to suffocate it; the Chilcott Inquiry has been designed, manned and structured to cover up what really went on and to run the clock out until after the General Election.

    If the gubbermint really wanted answers and action then they would have set up a Statutary Inquiry led by a Senior Judge and with at least one senior military officer onboard.

    Chilcott will follow the Hutton fiasco in applying large amounts of whitewash.

    David Kelly is found dead in a wood. Tony Bliar and the Prince of Darkness are in flight between the USA and Japan. By the time they arrive in Tokyo Bliar has announced an inquiry and even named Hutton to lead it.

    Conveniently Hutton supplanted the Official Coroner even though his inquiry didn't possess the statutary powers that the Coroner had.

    It's interesting that six doctors are now attempting to overturn the Hutton Inquiry's verdict of suicide:-

    An inquiry by Lord Hutton concluded Dr Kelly, a Ministry of Defence advisor, had died from cuts to his wrist and an overdose of powerful painkillers.

    But a group of six doctors want the case re-examined, claiming there is insufficient evidence to prove he committed suicide.

    Trauma surgeon David Halpin, epidemiologist Andrew Rouse, surgeon Martin Birnstingl, radiologist Stephen Frost, Chris Burns-Cox, who specialises in internal general medicine, and Michael Powers QC, a former assistant coroner, have instructed solicitors and aim to approach the Attorney General Baroness Scotland to get the case before the High Court.

    Pass the popcorn

  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    There may be a flaw in their plans.
  6. If I recall correctly Brown never wanted this to be an Inquiry held in the public view.So his enthusiasm for anything but a whitewash has been clear from the start.All the main players have had time to get their stories straight and there is no inquisitor strong enough to show them up.
  7. You only have to look at Brown's 'form'... He avoids decision making, he hides in his bunker until the all clear sounds, his disdain for democracy and the electoral process is evident in everything he does, his lies are so obvious, (at least Blair lied with sincerity !) He's just an old fashioned bully boy who wants his own way... and as far as this inquiry is concerned.... B&Q are standing by with the white stuff !
  8. Watching sky news one day during the recent "grilling" of the witnesses. Comments on the screen being submitted from the sky reporter highlighting what the board aren't asking of the witnesses.

    It's going to be as shallow as where the edge of the Dead Sea was 10 years ago.

  9. Well well - Hutton is appointed by Bliar under very unusual circumstances and then chooses to replace the Official Coroner even though he didn't have a Coroner's statutary powers.

    Hutton then records a verdict of suicide which is disputed by leading doctors and surgeons.

    Now on the eve of Bliar giving evidence to Chilcot, Hutton announces that all documents into the death of Doctor David Kelly must be sealed for 70 years:-

    " Medical records which would shed light on the death of government scientist David Kelly will be kept secret for 70 years, it emerged yesterday.
    The unprecedented move has been ordered by Lord Hutton, who chaired the inquiry which controversially concluded that the mysterious death was suicide.
    It means vital evidence, including the results of Dr Kelly's post-mortem examination - which have never been made public - will remain under wraps until 2073, by which time anyone involved in the case will almost certainly be dead. "

    Read more:

    Nothing to see here then....move along.

  10. Hutton imposed this condition at the time of his whitewash, but why do we allow these self-serving patsies to have such sway? It should be up to us, the electors, to decide what is and isn't released from enquiries that are held in our name.
  11. Brown has now indicated that he is prepared to give evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry before the forthcoming election after initially booking a later date.he has seen the kid glove treatment the others have recieved and reckons he has sufficient flannel to get through unscathed.Saint Tone is up first and without doubt deny any shortcomings and Gord will simply trot along in his footsteps and hey presto "nothing to do with me gov".I think he is going to say that the kit shortages were down to a slow supply chain and not him withholding funds.We shall see :!:
  12. I reckon the majority of Joe Public couldn't give a toss about this inquiry - after the expenses fiasco, any attempt by politicians, who are lower in the public eye than whale sh1t, to justify themselves won't wash and is just another attempt to show how important they think themselves. They don't believe anything that comes outof the House of Nonsense anymore - any Government led inquiry is bound to be packed with their supporters, who will reach a verdict favourable to them - but I'm not cynical, not me !!.
  13. I think any criticism should be directed at Chilcot after he publishes his report not before! Lets see what he comes up with before going for the jugular.
  14. The whole reason Chilcot and his panel were selected was because the Government thought they were all patsies and unlikely to come to any decision that would embarrass them.I would like to think that for this reason alone and perhaps a little pride they will try and prove all the cynics wrong.
  15. The trouble is even though we are only half way through it is already clear that will not happen, the thing about a public inquiry is we know what each witness has said and what has been submitted as evidence. Therefore there is no need to wait for the findings as they cannot come to a different conclusion to every other knowledgeable commentator who has seen the evidence.

    This does not stop a public inquiry doing a good job, it just removes the surprise at the end. Trouble is, these muppets have had a string of key witnesses in front of them and have failed to ask even a single challenging or new question, all they have done is scrape the surface and go over well known positions again - every time I watch the proceedings I sit there wondering when they will actually challenge existing knowledge, when will they take a novel approach and try to delve deeper. Then I realise, they are not up to it, they are totally out of their depth and will be another total waste of time.

    As it happens I was lucky enough to get a ticket from the ballot to see Blair give evidence, I shall report back on the easy ride they give him first hand.

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