Is BRNC now only 6 weeks?

I heard the opposite actually from someone who attended in May of last year. He said that future courses are supposed to be longer, around 10 weeks instead of the previous 8. This is to allow for extra training, including weapons handling.
I put the question to my recruitment contact, but she couldn't/wouldn't shed any light on it, apart from that there will be extra material, as of yet unconfirmed.
Hopefully someone else will be along to confirm because all I have is hearsay.
It's 8 weeks just now & increasing to 10 later this year. I've just spent 8 weeks there and passed out on the 17th of December, any other questions feel free to PM me.


Systems Engineer cadet- what are you going in as?
I had originally applied for Deck cadet, but after my October AIB I was put on a waiting list, so I asked for a transfer and after another interview in December I got in
Ah excellent, I know they're in need of SEs. I'm going in as deck cadet myself, passed AIB in March of last year, just gives perspective on these "waiting lists" really....
Have you had everything through then and are just waiting on joining instructions?
Yeah, I've passed all of my pre-joining tests and all of my forms are submitted, just waiting to get my contract now. I'm not the most patient person which is why I took the initiative and changed course- I admire your determination though!
Thank you, to be honest deck was the only route I felt I was qualified for, especially after seeing the calibre of SE canditates during my AIB. I reckoned a year wasn't too much to wait for the position that suited me best (probably!).

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