Is Britain failing its Armed Forces?

Remember, though, that we (the British) get the government we vote for. I have every confidence that "Britain" adores its Armed Forces and wants the best for each and every one of its members but would not be happy to pay a penny above the minimume for the Forces we need.
We have a Government that is more scared of the countries banks than they are of the electorate. The British people, I think, are still very pro what we do. The majority of the educated realise that we don't get to choose the wars that we fight. The minority read the Grauniad. Unfortunately, the uneducated % only care about cashing their giros. Broon cares about staying in power - not a lot else.
So, if you don't pay tax, you shouldn't vote (except pensioners - but only if they have paid tax in the past). If you vote, you should be able to vote on where the money is spent. It's simple - defence, education and healthcare. What's left can go on teenage mums, out of work eejits who continue to breed, etc. Stop the money, stop the problem.
Successive British Governments seem to think you can run a Bentley with a Ford Focus budget looking to the serving men to make up the shortfall with their commitment and ability.This only works for short time especially when you start picking unnecessary fights in godforsaken parts of the world.The already tight budget is stretched even further and parts of the forces not directly involved (i.e.the R.N.)to any great extent are then starved of cash.Robbing Peter to pay Paul.If by Britain we mean the Government, it is definitely failing the forces by asking them to do too much work without being prepared to pay the real running costs.

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