Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. I've just heard on the news that Ruth Kelly is proposing a national holiday called "BRITAIN DAY". As a Brit' i welcome the move but at the same time i have to ask the question - why has the government never proposed this years ago.

    Hell - even St Georges day gets bad rep - why will "Britain day" be any different? Is it just another way of getting minorities on the British bandwagon?

    At the end of the day they like to celebrate Eid and Diwali so i would prefer if we had our own national "unique holiday". I'm all for integration and if Britian Day unites the nation i'm all for it.

    Personally i'm not holding my breath on this one - are you?

    ( Idea taken from another forum - but thought it was a good debate!!)
  2. I find it offensive mate!!
    It just another cynical attempt by this joke of a government to paper over the cracks of a crumbling country.(In my opinion).
  3. Like i said i took this from another forum - in my own view we shouldnt NEED a Britain Day - but there we go - i think i stand with you on this one Lamri me old mate!! :thumright:
  4. Its only about two years before this government is up for re election. Perhaps they feel the need to reassure the natives that they have not been forgotten.
    Personally I believe that as a nation we have become too PC and because of this we the natives have been screwed. As far as I am concerned when a foreign national decides that he/she wishes to live in our country it is because they wish to live within our societies rules. This being the case then we should not be bending over backwards to accommodate their wishes. When I worked in Muslim countries I obeyed their laws and traditions. They certainly did not change anything at all to accommodate Christians, Hindi's, Jews or any other creed.
    So if they wish to live in the UK fine by me, if they wish to make my country another Muslim state they can go jump.
  5. Who cares if they are offended,if they dont like it then they can fuck off back to whence they came!
  6. Couldn't give a toss who it upsets - it's my country, which I served in the military and fought for - if anyone doesn't like it, there's an alternative - fcuk off home and live in your ideal version of heaven, but don't expect me to welcome you with open arms to change my way of life.
  7. Why do we need a yet another day to celebrate (unless its another bank holiday)

    Perhaps the government should get behind St Georges, Andrews, and Davids days and we should all be a little bit more patriotic.

    When I went to the states last year I couldnt believe how many stars and stipes there were flying every where, and no I didnt go at any particular holiday time. The only time we see our National Flag is when we are in the world cup.

    I am proud to be English and would welcome the opportunity to truly celebrate the fact.

    God save the Queen !
  8. I understand why it is being thought about (all one company etc), but to the same extent I find it offensive when it reduces the importance of other historically important days - St Andrews, St Georges, St Paddys etc.
  9. Perhaps it's time to remind the immigrants and their descendants who were born here why they came to the UK in the first place. They all came either to escape oppression or to improve their standard of living. So why do they want to change the country which has given them so much to a country which in all probability would after a period of time resemble those countries that they were so desperate to escape from?
  10. Think you got that right there, Slim - why turn our country into what they left ? Only did they have the House of Plenty (DHSS etc) ? Probably not !!!!
  11. What about us though?
    I Don't want a "Great Britain" day!!
    I want St Georges Day to be publicly celebrated in the same way as St Patricks Day and St Andrews Day!
    Not like it is now, with the English having to skulk around like lepers.
    GB Day can rod off as far as i'm concerned!
  12. I suppose if we get this BRITAIN day,we can fly the National flag? But how many other Nations flags will appear also?? Don't want to upset anyone do we?? Grrrrrrrr..... :pukel:
  13. It's a little offensive but if it could be held on March 5th every year with people singing Kernow Kelsa and flying the appropriate flag then I suppose that I could live with it :thumright:


  14. Well put I could not agree more
  15. i dont care who it upsets, if these minorities dont like it then tough, if it offends immigrants then tough shit, piss off back to your own country
  16. How far back do you want to go with the heritage thing? I think I've got some norse genes does that mean I have to up sticks for Norway ;)
  17. Now this depends Karma, are you fully integrated now or do you still go out raping and pillaging with your viking buddies :thumright:
  18. It'll probably cause a few habitual agitators and tabloid opinion writers to get hot under the collar, and the rest of the country will crack on much as usual, not really caring one way or the other.

    Personally I think kit's just bland electioneering, with two years until another general election the incumbents need to come up with some topics to target the various segments of the electorate.

  19. Couldn't agree more but do you realise how tough it is to get the English immigrants out of Cornwall????? :bball:

  20. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Well 63 years ago today me gramps landed on Sword beach (God rest his soul) If "Britain day" is celebrating him and his kind them I'm all for it. If it's celebrating a kebab shop or indian takeaway on every corner (not that I dont frequent them) then Sod off.

    Where's Trafalgar day anyway?

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