Is bl_ue a wind-up merchant ?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Scran_Bag, Jul 10, 2008.

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  1. Self-explanatory heading.

    Check out his/her posts, starting with today's crud - "Medal for Prince " and " 50% of services want to quit ", then look back at the couple of other posts that he/she's made.

    I may be wrong but I think someone's stirring the shit.

    :threaten: :pukel: :threaten:
  2. Trolling isn't unknown on this site,
  3. Well for what it is worth I would have put the Times Story about the survey if "bl_ue" had not done so. There is little point in the Serving Members of the forces bleating about survey's conducted by their masters that then give a story to which they disagree. Old saying, "If you are not going to like the answer do not ask the question"

    As opposed to most on RR I do not do stories, read or write on Royals (Family not Marines). nor Brooches. I have previously well stated views on brooches issued for doing your job. For service in arduous conditions above and beyond what could normally be expected OK but just for being there no.

    So a troll or Norm being a bit mor subtle they may be but fair questions for this Forum IMHO.

  4. Do you doubt the veracity of his/her claims?

    Don't you like people being controversial or raising controversial subjects?

    Are you a cynical Git?
  5. Maybe the posts should be combined.

    I fail to see how quoting an article from the Times (or any other reputable newspaper for that matter) about people who want to leave the RN consitutes a wind-up or sh1t stirring on a site such as this - unless of course you mean that bl_ue is a scumbag reporter searching for a story - in which case I suppose it is possible.

    If it is true though, there is - or will be - a problem!

    McC (Returning to the other post to answer there as well).
  6. Hmmm, Bl_ue first appeared during the recent Scientology/Walt thread, got short shrift and may be trolling.
    Still his/her posts have been topical and generated traffic so until we know more watch this space.

  7. I have often been told that I'm a cynical old git. However, after spending over 30 years in uniforms of various styles, I would say in this instance, I'm just more wary and suspicious.

    Being a fairly long-standing member of R.R. though not a prolific poster, I welcome new blood and any worthwhile contributions that they make.

    I hope that my suspicions prove to be unfounded.

  8. I would question whether the Tinmes is that reputable these days, it is after all only a Murdoch mouthpiece.

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