Is ARRSE down?

OK, it has been fine, but different day, different problem!

Now I keep getting this:
You've requested a page that currently is on the Incapsula network.
Incapsula was unable to connect to the server.
Suggestions :

  • If you are a website visitor, try to refresh your browser and connect again.
  • If you are the website owner, please ensure that your server is up and running and that access to it from the Incapsula network has not been blocked in any way. see here

Is it just me?
Tell me about it..... She's suggested we "Do something together tomorrow"....... **** that, I'm hiding in the shed with my commando comics.
Mine asked if I wanted to play "hide the sausage.".
"Whey hey" says I " has the Phillipino maid I ordered finally turned up?"
Radio silence resumed.
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