Is anyone training for aircrew?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Sentenashi, Aug 20, 2008.

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  1. If so, hey.

    What's it like, it any good?

    Pros? Cons?

    Ta! :p
  2. Erm you get to fly on glorious sunny days looking at the small dots that are cars saying: I'm getting paid to do this!!!! Or from the low level stuff, you are hooning around at 100 feet through a massive valley looking up at walkers screaming: Im getting paid to do this!!!!!!

    There are some horrendous periods where you actually have to do some work and there are some very long breaks in between the courses but all in all it's a great course that gives you a ppl(A) a foundation degree and some of the best training out of all the aviators in the country.
  3. Training for A/C. Easy.take clothes off, get in pit close eyes and sleep. Thats all my fecking aircrewman did!
  4. you forgot to mention turning up in Banyan rig alongside and asking with genuine astonishment, "You guys are still working?". Then get all tetchy when told: "You booked all the snags. You thought they'd fix themselves, maybe?" :thumright:
  5. Watch. Ray bans, and reallygood night flying suppers , in the aircrew bar. Flying pay :thumright: then out on the P**S with the maintainers minus the SMR and Pilot :thumright:

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