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Is anyone here a marine engineering technician?


Hello I am looking forward to becoming a marine engineer technician rating in a few years time so I am just wondering if anyone here is a marine engineering technician or knows about the role if so could you help me with some information I am unsure about please

  1. What is the required score on the Recruitment Test for this role?
  2. What is the waiting list about, is that to get into the RN at all or just to be posted somewhere?
  3. Is the 4 month training to gain role required knowledge a realistic prediction or does it often exceed this and is it very intense what sort of subjects are there?
  4. And is there a civilian recognised qualification at the end it. (as seems that the majority of my engineering tutors have military backgrounds on whom had left after 20 years as a Harrier Technician and it seems a good idea to consider options after my career.)
  5. And are there plenty of opportunity to secure a bursary to study a degree and become an officer?

many thanks for the time taken very much appreciated :)

From ***********
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Oh right so what is that role all about then I didn't see that on the careers I guess you have to join as tech first and then move into a specific role.

Thanks for the reply :)


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What Tiddly is saying is that before the ET(ME) branch, the marine engineering branch consisted of Artificers (technicians in civvy speak) and Mechanics. Good mechanics could cross over to Artificer, if selected and having passed a 2.5 year course (how I became a tiff). Both mechanics and tiffs have now become ET(ME), until the RN realises it doesn't work, re-invents the branches under a different name and it all goes back to normal.


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I followed the same route as the previous 2.
Spent many years cleaning mechanical items. Plus years doing shift work. Manage to get as far as petty officer cleaner of mechanical equipment. Then realized I was not enough of a brown nose to get any further. So of to school again for a couple if years. Only then did they trust my opinion on all things mechanical.
Then the bastards kicked me out :)


That's harsh to kick you out why would they do that after you studied hard to move up was it because of the rn shrinkage after the carrier were decommissioned? They did the same with another of my tutors after the harrier were sold lots of personnel were made redundant


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No I started throwing myself on the floor and convulsing. They said I was no longer fit for sea service. All this after 20 years hard service ;).


Bloody glad I'm not in the RN under this stupid new set-up called ET(ME). I hope its not too long before it reverts to sensibility.

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