Is an application for a Royal Navy Aircrewman realistic?

By realistic I mean, How many pass the recruitment process, how many applicants they take on annually and most of all the waiting time. I have already filled out the quick online application but after reading a few treads/topics it does seem like a rather idealistic option. Any information on this would be would be appreciated.
Forget about how many people pass the application process and how many they take on annually. If they only take on one and you're that one then it means absolutely nothing. The waiting time you may need to consider (I don't know it though) but my advice would be to go for the job you have your heart set on. Otherwise you'll find yourself in a job that wasn't your first choice with a big return of service and no way to get out quickly. Whatever you choose, I wish you the best of luck.

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Yeah it always is. But knowing the statistics isn't going to help you really. My advice would be to go for it. If you try and fail you can never look back on your life and say "I wish I had just gone for it" I know it's cheesy however here is a nice quote for you: "it's better to regret the things you did rather than the things you didn't do".

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By my original post I was trying to get a rough idea of the competition and pass mark. Its no secret that the key to passing is none other than one's own capabilities and suitability for the selected role, but like i just said. I wanted a rough idea of what they are expecting from the applicant for them to succeed. Knowing the statistics just gives you a little insight as to the likelyhood of passing. Although as Booner stated; if you're the best it doesn't matter. What if i am 5th best?


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The danger in giving stats is that people either think the odds are against them or in their favour, when in reality it depends on a lot more than luck.

In my AFCO fewer than 50% of applicants score high enough for NA(ACMN) in the recruit test, not that they are all applying to join as ACMN. About 90% pass the interview, and about 80% pass the AFCO medical. Around 95% pass the PJFT. Nationally only around 10% pass FATs and around 50% of those passing FATs actually pass the Inititial Aircrew Medical Examination IAME).

Since direct entry aircrew was introduced, the only applicant to get as far as passing IAME had to withdraw their application due to injury, prior to entry in my AFCO. My AFCO is one of the busiest in UK.

Hopefully that's boosted your confidence no end. :)
So statistically 1.71 people out of every 100 that walk into an AFCO make it to Aircrew.
So that's not what you wanted to hear and I bet you wish you never asked. ;).

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Don't get too excited Booner, this thread is about Aircrewmen, not Aircrew Officers. Maybe Ninja can enlighten us with their stats too..........
I've already read them somewhere, they're about the same. Surely you should know that to be an officer I do need some concept of verbal reasoning and can work out quite easily that this thread is about Aircrewmen.

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More interesting are the stats for how many 'Aircrew Officers' entering BRNC actually end up fully trained and flying. Good luck Booner. Hope your high standard of verbal reasoning stands you in good stead at next weeks selection! ;-)

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