Is a fear of Racism destroying Law Enforcement?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. Not from the Mail but the Times.
    Seems some crimes are not being investigated for fear od starting race riots.

    Full story here:

    Mothers of prevention

    It seemed a shabby, seedy episode, probably typical of many cases down the years that have involved exploitative men and naive women. Yet, until these convictions, the police in over a dozen towns and cities, including Leeds, Sheffield, Blackburn and Huddersfield, had appeared reluctant to address what many local people had perceived as a growing problem – the groups of men who had been preying on young, vulnerable girls and ensnaring them into prostitution.

    It was a very uncomfortable scenario, not least because many of these crimes had an identifiable racial element: the gangs were Asian and the girls were white. The authorities, in the shape of politicians and the police, seemed reluctant to acknowledge this aspect of the crimes; it has been left to the mothers of the victims to speak out.

    The PC brigade are not wrecking the country, they have wrecked it.
  2. Can somebody please tell me why this is not being acted upon instead of the Authorities turning a blind eye.

    FFS the Police, Social Services, Local Councils and it appears even MPs are ignoring this major problem rather than cause offence to a certain area of the community....

    If this was White men being accused of doing it to non white females, they would be arrested, charged, in prison or beaten to death by rampaging gangs.

    Its time this Country was reclaimed from the thugs, murderers, sex predaters and made safe for everyone to walk the streets at night, regardless of race, creed, colour, religion or sexual orientation.
  3. Living here in Cyprus as a British ex-pat, I would have to say that we Brits have to be aware of some hostility towards us from a very small minority of the locals, especially those with memories of some aspects of the British rule etc etc.
    That having been said, I'm always conscious of the need to behave in such a way that doesn't offend these usually lovely hospitable people. Their culture is based on religion and tradition, and brash Johnny Foreigner is definately not welcome if he chooses to offend these principles. If you choose to integrate with the locals however, learn their language, and respect their customs (some of which are very quaint), then you'll find them extremely welcoming.
    My point is; surely the UK needs to change this PC attitude, and adopt the attitude of the Aussies (to name but one nation), and that is : This is our country, to which you will be made welcome, as long as you stick by our rules, and are prepared to put in as much as we're prepared to give out!
    If there is no respect from the immigrant community for their hosts, then anarchy is only a stones-throw away (no pun intended). It really is time to wake up and smell the coffee before it's too late, and this constant playing of the "race card" has definately worn thin!
    Would the last one to leave the UK please switch off the lights.
  4. What can one say; other than bloody scandalous. I wonder if the girls are reluctant to reject the advances of these youths and, later, men for fear of being seen as racist? As a Nation, we certainly seem to have nurtured a monster. Parents are hardly likely to warn their daughters away from the attentions of Asians. Either they would be branded as racist by there equality and diversity educated offspring or have presented them with a tailor made cause to rebel against.

    It's gone quiet for a few years but a similar problem existed in Bristol. That wasn't Asians, though, but Caribbean "Yardie" gangs getting young girls addicted to "crack" for the same purpose.
  5. It is the sheer terror and fear of the PC brigade that has resulted in the lack of replies to this post

    You are correct, If you take refuge or chose a country to live in then you abide by their rules and traditions, and be pleased that the host country allows you to go about your business without harrasement, demanding that they accomodate what you are used to, is a ticket back to whence you came

    Racist bit
    What would happen if instead of building in Dundee city centre, the biggest mosque in Britain , You built the biggest Christian Church in the middle of mecca???
    Fact is you are not even allowed to possess a Bible in mecca

    If you decide to upsticks and live in Poland Latvia Lithuania etc providing like the good old UK, they provide a free translator for you, What answer would you get when you requested £44per week per child, and £76pw working tax, free home, and medical exemption, plus dental treatment.for working there,
    I reckon it would be zilch or Foxtrot Oscar

    All our politicians are spineless and in it to get the money and enter the hall of fame

    There was a programme on ITV Last night where a Somali immigrant woman, with three children Free council house (jumped the queue because she had TB) found it a struggle to survive on £33,000 benefits per year and we should do more to help her. FFS That is 30 thousand Brits paying National Insurance and PAYE Tax for one of them alone

    Now I will be labelled a Racist because I dare draw attention to it
    Well I am not racist, I want all the white UK Scum who have never worked in their lives to also FOAD Then let us get on with a Great Britain, who helps people in need
  6. You mean 'The Government.'

    I think this man sums it all up: Stop It

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