Discussion in 'RMR' started by MINI-ME, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. Hi all,

    I have recently joined holding troop and would really like all your honest

    opinions, I am quite fit not yet up to selection fittness but really do think I

    could get myself there, but I am 40 year old! am I in your opinion too old

    for it all or do you think age don't matter. please be honest???

    also do anyone know or heard of anyone doing selection at my age.

    All replys welcome many thanks

    Age - 40
    Application Jan 07
    Psychometrics 16/02/2007 - Passed
    Eye Test 25/02/07 - Passed
    Interview 27/02/2007 - Passed
    Medical 27/02/2007 - Passed
    PJFT – Passed
    PRMC - ?
  2. If you can crack the PRMC I dont see why not.
  3. Agree with carl if you can pass the PRMC then why not? All indications are that you can. More importantly you believe you can get your fitness up! MINI-ME you won't know if you don't try???? Good luck x
  4. Self belief mate, give it a go!!

  5. Same here; go for it anyway. It's what's in your head that swings it. Not understanding that buggered up my early years. Profit from our hard won experience. Best wishes.

    P o L
  6. Would like to thank you lot for the support, I was wondering if it was the

    Right thing to do at my age, thought everyone might think I’m too old? But

    After reading your responses it as given me a boost,

    It’s always good to hear the opinions of others. Once again thanks
  7. At turned forty I was running half marathons every other Sunday and would have loved another chance to wear the green lid.

    Now at 57 I still throw in the occasional 34miler. In a day!!!

    In other words go get that green lid and wear it with pride!!
  8. Crack on Mini Me, you're hacking it so far and the only person who can stop you from getting that green lid is you. Best of luck mate, keep us posted with your progress and stand by for the banter. :wink:

  9. Do it mate , I did'nt start running Marathons till I was in my thirties , It's the stamina you have , & the stuff in your head that makes you do it , go for it , best of luck & keep us informed ,
  10. PRMC was dat?????? :roll:
  11. Im 51 and resently past a physical for the *** load of other blokes there a lot younger than me and just out of the forces, nearly all of them failed.
    And when you see the fat bastards on TV its not suprising. Any one see the documentry on the Sub HMS bladebla, ye thats the one, loading the cruse missiles, I had trouble distigushing between the matlots and the wrens, in other words they all had tits. Hows that for a fit fighting force. No one will have any problem being fitter than them. JESUS CHRIST GIVE ME STRENGTH
  12. Hi Jones_the_Steam

    just got back from a weekend away with the family, thanks for your reply

    it made laugh :lol: my selection is in september.

    and thanks to all the rest for your positive support - keep it coming!!
  13. Hi mini me

    Go for it, it you don't you'll regret it. I thought that the maximum age for new RMR recruits was 33 or 35 with previous military experience. Is it now the case that each application is viewed on it's merits regardless of the age? Your post has given hope to a lot of people.

  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    You can join the RMR, with no former service experience up to the age of 32yrs 11 months. Over this age it is at the discretion of the CO of that RMR unit, but he would only exercise this waiver if you had a skill (former military service elsewhere) which the RMR was seeking.

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