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rod-gearing said:
lesbryan said:
Why should it offend ?.Nothing underhand has been going on has it.These things happen
I wouldnt any fireman to be offended by my posting it,I know they are sensitive souls. :lol:
Firemen? Surely you mean Water Fairies :lol:
Trumpton.... ah, happy memories. The Pugh twins send their love. :biggrin:

Firemen (as against Firewomen) do seem to be VERY sensitive souls. If they don't approve of an particular section of society, even thought they contribute towards their wages and pensions, the Firemen refuse to provide their full service. A fire station in Glasgow comes to mind...... :roll:

Dear Mr Gearing

We Firemen take great offence at you inferring that we are under some duty to put out fires. This misconception is the result of decades of political correctness.

May I remind you of what Archbishop Conti recently said, regarding our brave colleague in Cowcaddens Fire Station:

'The duty to obey one’s conscience is a higher duty than that of obeying orders'. :tongue:

Let me spell out those who are ineligible for our services 'cause we don't approve of them. We also have the full support of the Archbishop of Glasgow, Mario Conti*.

1) Gays

2) The people of Gloucestershire

3) Fire engines

4) Gays

Mufty Tufty

*Yes the same one who backed church abusers claiming that claimants were being malicious.
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