Iron Lady Dies!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Waspie, Apr 8, 2013.

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  1. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    RIP, I didn't agree with all of your policies, but certainly you turned the Country away from being Union dominated.
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  2. Yeah I was going to say that I didn't always agree with her policies and ideas (looking back anyway, not even sure I was born when she was in power!) But I always had a level of respect for her, being the first lady prime minister is quite an achievement. RIP Baroness Thatcher.
  3. There's a lot of things that can be said about Maggie Thatcher, both good and bad. One thing I think anyone should be able to agree on, whatever their views on her and her policies, is that at least she stuck to her principles. She did what she thought was right for the country, not what she thought was popular. Not something I think you can say about today's crop of politicians.
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  4. No shedding of tears for me !! Rip
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  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  6. Any death is sad but I won't be shedding any tears.
  7. R.I.P the iron lady.
  8. Best dust off my No 1's then. State funeral.
  9. I will shed not one tear .I am going to put my dancing shoes on and go for a pint to celebate .OHHhooo what a happy day fpr me
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  10. Being that little bit older than most on here, I have lived through the best years of the three greatest 20th century Prime Ministers, each of whom has served this country well. Winston Churchill, Clement Attlee, and Margaret Thatcher.
    Even her most obdurate critics, with the benefit of hindsight, must admit that her much maligned policies were for the benefit of our country, and despite the torrent of abuse she never wavered. A woman who through hard work and sheer tenacity was fully deserving of the title "Lady". Would that any of our current crop of political pygmies had the same talents.

    Rest in Peace Lady T.

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  11. ...and giving the working man a voice?
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  12. Pray tell what this current shower are doing that they think is going to make them popular?
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  13. I don't and they weren't.
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  14. 2BM, totally agree.

    'I can't bear to see Britain in decline, I just can't'....... Mrs T.1979 during elections. Loved this country enough to take the flack, give up her home life and set us on a new course.

    Great leader.They are always either despised or loved but waver under neither banner.

    She thought people should live lives that mattered.

    It was Maggie, not Scargill, who gave miners and others the tools to buy their own homes and dragged this country from heavy to service industries, keeping up with the rest of the developed world.

    Job well done, Mrs T. God bless and RIP.
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  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Avast dusting:

    ....But I'd bet good money Camoron decides a state funeral would suit his political standing, if he can convince anyone it's a good idea.
  16. I'm just pissed off that I'm working this weekend as there's been a party in Traf Square planned for ages.
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  17. Devil's Advocate mode {ON}
    "dragged this country from heavy to service industries," what you mean like the banking system ..... ?
    It could be argued that this country should make a somewhat return to "heavy" industries. Why should we let other countries have a ship building industry when we used to be the world leader?

    RIP Mrs T.
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  18. There is nothing better than starting off the week with some good news, time to crack open that 15 years old single malt.
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  19. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    She was hardly Saddam Hussein , Osama Bin Laden or Tony Blair. She didn't lie about why going to war against Argentina was necessary, unlike Blair and the second Gulf war.

    The hate is a signature of those who allow others to do their 'thinking' and opinion forming for them.

    Careful how the hate is expressed, this is Current Affairs and the OP's intent seems to be along the RIP lines. Dislike with well argued reasons is preferred.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2013
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