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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, May 17, 2011.

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  1. Although I come from Irish forebears I'm getting rather tired of this country being blamed for every single fault this country has suffered.
    My old man even recognised that the Famine was nothing to do with the UK in fact there was hundreds,maybe thousands of food parcels collected but the Catholic priests would not accept them if they came from Proddies.
    Now according to the news with the Queens visit we are being held to account for that.
    I can understand them wanting a full country,I would,but the answer is clear,stop killing and live with friendly neighbours.
    They won't,I know to well that the IRA dealt in drugs, protection etc they revelled in the fact they walked in a bar and never bought a drink because they were "hard men" Yeah Right!
    Cowards kill women and children not hard men.
    My old man always said the famine never caused us to move to the UK his father was always too bloody pissed to remember where he planted the praties!
    Just letting off steam and I'm holidaying there this year as I like the food and Porter! with wonderful sights and scenery.
  2. You mentioned 'Queen' so 'Finks' will be along soon
  3. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Never knew Finks was that way inclined.

    I hear the outrage bus is undergoing it's first works parade in preparation for those banging on about the cost of the visit. I wait with baited breath.
  4. It just strikes me as so desperately sad that a (large) minority of people (on both sides of the Irish Sea) do not want to see barriers broken down and cordial relationships established for bizarre, historical, reasons.

    Her Majesty wasn't even born when Eire gained independence. Since then we have had 2 World Wars and countless other conflicts but have managed to mend fences with the Germans, Italians, Japanese, Turks even the French so why can't this nonsense be put to rest once and for all?

    Makes me want to scream!
  5. And me. :dontknow: Must be the common language.

    I'd like to see an independent united Ireland, a Scotland, an England and a Wales all with their own Parliament but united under one banner. The British Isles or summat.

    The presidency would be the encumbent PM's rotating annually. The Monarchy would remain, for those who wish, by individual state referendum and we would not be part of Europe. We could also share a common Defence policy.

    (just my thoughts Finks and I'm entitled to them as you are)

    (The banner could even be a pair of armed angry rabbits on a marmalade background)
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  6. I've just seen the protesters near the garden of rememberance, would someone like to tell me exactly 'what' they are protesting about as I haven't a clue??
  7. It is better to apologise, than to ask permission!'s very English...
  8. who laid the wreath for the English killed

    Perfectly welcome when we bailed them out from there crap economy , bit like the oversea aid bill feck your Soldiers they are not Important
  9. British. :roll:

    This is a visit that is long overdue, obviously until now it was not considered safe for the British head of state to make the visit. It's a huge step forward and I wish it every success. IMO the reunification of Ireland is inevitable though I doubt it will be in my lifetime. Those who wish to peruse that end through violence and hateful murder are a tiny minority; they do not have the support of the vast majority north and south and need to stand down permanently.
  10. ......................................................................................................................:toothy3::toothy3::toothy3::toothy3:
  11. There must be a boggy on here who can answer ?
  12. ===================================


    When she get her M & M for a Rabbit Run I've asked her to haggle for some of this for one of her most loyal RR Pensioners..............................


    ...................................His gratitude would be boundless.:-|
  13. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    On the Irish banking bailout, as a uk taxpayer, I would like to be repaid in Guiness and Corr's sisters.
  14. Good call......
  15. I'd protest too if I was a gap toothed, inbred, potato munching, ginger, jobless, lucky charm addicted sub human tricolor humping chodder.
  16. I read a bit about the Troubles and anyone who wants to can read "Executions in the Irish Civil War" on Wiki.
    you will find that the two parties killed far more of each other by execution than the British ever did.
    There seems to have been at least 77 summary executions of both parties fighters with great brutality,compared to about 20 from the UK,although this figure is disputed a bit
    you won't find many memorials to these fighters,the Irish prefer to blame the British for everything starting with the Post Office Easter rebellion where incidently,they boarded trams loaded with guns to get there and paid the fares!
    It's a troubled land but a great deal is of their own making still there is no more beautiful lass than a black haired Irish Coleen.
    I have abook called the History of Ireland and there is a massive amount of Blarney in it as you would expect.
  17. Ah, now I understand - cheers mlp
  18. The Queen doesn't apologise ....since the bailout she's just on a visit to see what she's bought....
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  19. In the photo of Elizabeth Windsor being greeted by the woman in pink Mrs Windsor seems to be smiling at her chin.
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