Irish in the Royal Navy


I am 21 years old and am currently in the Irish Navy. I have been in it almost 3 years, but its just not great at all and with so many people leaving the place is going down the drain . Once back from my deployment I am thinking about leaving and joining the Royal Navy. I was wondering are there many Irish in the RN? Also during training would the instructors know you served before?



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As long as you meet the entry requirements no problem, they let the Scottish and welsh in, ever the odd scouser, when short handed.
That’s good to hear about there being a good few Irish in the RN.

We recently did a cross poll with HMS Echo and all there crew seemed lively and happy with the navy whilst on our ships it’s a different story!

I just think that the RN offfers far more opportunities as it’s a much larger navy. Maybe that’s not the case, but I think when I get back I’ll pop into Belfast AFCO.


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There were until recently, maybe still are, INS recruiting adverts in the nautical press. IIRC, they were aimed at STCW class 2 and class 1 engineer officers under 35.

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