Irish Child Abuse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Maxi_77, Mar 17, 2010.

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  1. So despite all the recent hand wringing from the Vatican, skeletons are still coming out of the closet.
    Unfortunately most Catholics are so conditioned to believing their clergy are infallible that StixJimbos example will be the norm.
    I'm so glad Tone of Bliardom converted to Catholicism, they deserve each other.
  2. It was blatantly obvious throughout Mr Blairs reign that he was heavily influenced by the Catholic church, via his wife.
    We've had no openly Catholic prime minister that I am aware of, though William Pitt the younger was a suspect.
    There's a good reason why the Duke of Norfolk, the countrys leading lay Catholic, stands to the right of the monarch at state occasions - you keep your enemy close :lol:
  3. What surprises me is that they haven't started trotting out the usual reasons like "God was testing us" or "We are just part of god's system and he has a higher purpose". The ultimate cop-outs!
  4. My pal was sent to a Catholic boarding school where he was interfered with by one of the Brothers; sports master, I think. Naturally, his family soon removed him but the experience made him so rebellious and aggressive that he became a Royal Welch Fusilier .
  5. It is very understandable and a terrible indictment of the Catholic faith that your pal has to live with the devastating consequences of that terrible experience for the rest of his life. And it can't have been fun being fiddled with by a monk either
  6. To be honest I suspect that there was just as much risk from other predatory characters, just the catholic church managed to cover it up for much longer. The scouts had a problem in the past but moved quickly to deal with it and the CofE had quite a few cases of choir boys being fiddled with too. And then there were the various orphage scandals too.
  7. Hence the reason the church is on the decline. How a priest can take some vow not to have sexual thoughts or encounters is a joke. What does he do if he wakens with a wigwam cold shower perhaps.

    I remember back on the "MAINLAND" picking up my prescription from the chemist the local miserable sour faced vicar took mine by mistake.

    Pointed out that was mine he grunted that could have caused problems. Yes I know may have made you smile you miserable prat.

    This was the cnut who stopped a friends funeral halfway through to enlighten us with the location of the collection plates for the new church roof.

    At another funeral it was collection plates for a toilet many tutterings from the congregation.
  8. Don't know the ins and outs of the cases but surprised that there haven't been any charges brought against these cardinals, senior priests who have more or less been shown to have perverted the course of justice by covering up the abuse and relocating the priests so they can molest again.
  9. I'll be buggered if I'll become a choirboy. 8O
  10. It could be that the Cardinals involved have Vatican passports and then would have full diplomatic immunity even if they were Irish born. But I do think all of them should be charged with at least perverting the course of justice and being a accessory to child abuse. It is a disgrace that these few evil men get all priests and vicars and pastors a bad name.
  11. Yes, you probably will be. It's all part of the induction course, have you not been told that :roll:

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