Ireland's sail training ship sinks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by popeye123, Sep 11, 2008.

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  1. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

  2. Well the trainees got more than the others taking part, they also got SAR aquaints as well, wonder if they will have to fork out any more.
  3. Hard to say in these days of govt cut backs. Still I don't see Ministers driving around in small cars.
  4. Oh no! The only tall ship that had Guinness on tap...
  5. Kinell saw her sail from Liverpool in the Tall ships race July :thumright: The crew were singing and waving to all ,as she came out of the dock into the Mersey. What rotten luck :salut:

  6. ...all the crew had got off for a piss before she went down??? (sorry!)
  7. Perhaps they ride around on bikes - and have the Lexus follow them at a discreet distance :wink: Very sorry about the ship..
  8. Hee hee, Minister for Defence said today he could not guarantee replacing the ship. Again we as an ISLAND people seem to turn our backs on the sea, the people, not just the government don't have any interest in the sea. Most people are unaware that we have a (small) navy.
  9. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Which country are you talking about here - sounds just like to the UK too :(
  10. Could be either flags, and no doubt a good few others dotted around the globe.
  11. The British Gubbernment are giving away a first rate ship of the line
    a bit old 1758 but in good condition fully maintained, and all timbers replaced
    Said vessel has some history though you could eliminate that as the British Gubbernment is about to do, so no problem there

    You may need to say you want it as a floating resaurant,with free evening meals with the Captain for MP's

    What is more you can rent it back to the British Gubbernment at 150% more than you paid, "You know it makes sence"

    For more information on design and seaworthiness you can GOOGLE
    first rate ship of the line 1758

    Current winning bid is $121 from a Maccy D 12HR 21 MIN TO GO (no reserve)

    (Only problem I forsee is with the French coastguard, may not be willing to rescue you)

    Regards Jack McH
  12. "It was named after the ship used in 1914 by Erskine Childers to land guns from Germany at Howth in Dublin for Irish rebel forces opposed to British rule."

    Different ship and 94 years too late, but we got it in the end. :dwarf:

    Any RN subs in the area???
  13. I know and Britian has history of accepting invaders and occupiers :bball:

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