Ireland debates switch to right-hand driving

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Backpacker1uk, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. Debate as much as they like it is not going to happen. The physical infrastructure has evolved over a couple of centuries. The cost of change would be billions. :thumright:

  2. I've got a better idea, instead of forcing the whole country to basically learn to drive again, with the associated accidents that will inevitably occur and the cost involved to the tax payer, why not reduce the number of foreign motorists causing the accidents and effing off home after breaking our laws?
  3. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    With all the EU grants Ireland gets I cant see cost/funding being an issue.
  4. It takes me all of 5 seconds to switch to the right/left at Calais…

    Anyway… I can assure you from personal experience, there is no 'correct' side to drive on in Ireland, left, right, middle… I've come across drivers doing all 3.
  5. Is it really confusing for you to drive on the continent?
  6. bit of a difference between 1967 and 2008. there are many more cars in Dublin alone in 2008 than there were in the whole of Sweden in 1967.

    Somebody obviously is living in cloud cuckoo land with this idea, just think of all the cars that would have the steering wheel on the wrong side, how many accidents will that cause, or will the Irish government or EU pay to replace/convert everyones car to L/H Drive
  7. Other than the road construction and street furniture (signs, lamp posts, road markings) industry who will gain anything by this exercise as Ireland has no current land borders with and lefthand drive country. It is all a pointless exercise.

  8. The accidents caused by being on the wrong side of the car? It doesn't stop most of the expats out in here spain driving their cars for years after they've moved out here.
  9. no- but roads are set up for right hand drive, ie slip roads on motorways etc--
    J10, M27, you can only get off travelling westbound, and can only get on travelling eastbound............. the cost would be astronomical.............
  10. That was more aimed at the comment concerning learning to drive again. Which is completely proposterous.
  11. We have many signs informing Germans and Poles to drive on the left. The Poles are a regular thing the Germans mainly tourists.

    Not forgetting our cousins from over the pond visiting the old country longing to see the donkey carts trotting through the villages like John Wayne in The quiet Man!!

    I always drive in the middle of the road due to potholes and the crazy idea of erecting telegraph/electric poles on the side of the road unlike the UK where they are up the banking a touch.
  12. Why is it preposterous? Because you don't agree?
    How many accidents do you think would be caused by this then? None? Now THATS preposterous!
  13. So the move shouldn't be considered because there are stupid people around?
  14. No, I think the move shouldn't be considered because it is a stupid idea ;)
  15. Are you down south? And the expat cars, the ones with no tax hence no insurance and totally illegal, something the authorities are well aware of.
    I'm sure you have learned to steer well clear of them a long time ago.
  16. In Nigeria they changed sides from left to right.
    Buses and lorries did it on one day, cars the next..
    Yes, it really is true..
    In Ireland they went on for years with speeds in kms and distance in miles or vice versa.
    I prefer driving on the right, it seems more natural. So watch out anyone near Sussex/Hants/Kent. That idiot on the wrong side is probably me :thumright:
  17. I've heard that its actually safer to drive on the right.
  18. It is one the Continent!! :bball:

    My other half just said that why should three million of us change for a few thousand.

    I told our kid when he visited from Canada on enquiring on the road mileage signs. Kerry 50km, twenty kilometres later, Kerry 50km. Welcome to Ireland. I love the place.

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