Discussion in 'The Corps' started by canuck123, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. What was the royal marines role during the invasion. I heard somewhere that they did an amphibious assualt. I cant find anywhere what they did in the invasion till the end of the main conflict (fall of baghdad)
  2. Al Faw peninsula working alongside US Navy SEALS and other SF
  3. You see this is one of those questions that perplexs me. Oh thinks I, that's strange. I'll have a look myself. Lo and behold, 0.22 seconds later Google has 729, 000 finds referenced to "Iraq invasion royal marines". Add "commando" it drops to 65,600, but add "al faw" after glancing at the top ten finds and you get 858 finds related specifically to the Al Faw. Now of course I could have looked at the RN website (or googled RM to find it) gone to the site, read it then tried to find other articles based on the info available. It's been a long day; sarcasm mode of, please feel free to search yourself.

  4. Try reading "Armed Action" which is a book written by a junglie pilot about the invasion of Iraq.
  5. Overview from
    One of the first objectives of the Coalition campaign in Iraq was to capture the oil industry in the Al Faw peninsula intact before it could be sabotaged or destroyed by the Iraqi military. Both to prevent an ecological disaster similar to the 1991 Gulf War and to enable a quicker resumption of Oil exports which was vital to the rebuilding of Iraq after the war.
    3 Commando brigade would also assault Umm Qasr at the same time so that its only deep water port in Iraq could be used to bring in Humanitarian supplies once the Khawr Abd Allah waterway was cleared by the Mine Counter Measures Task group. The United States Marine Corps placed 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit under the command of 3 Commando Brigade so that the Brigade had the necessary force to capture both targets.

    From the RN site:
    During Operation TELIC, the liberation of Iraq, on the night of 20 March 2003, 40 Commando, under the command of Lt Col G K Messenger OBE, mounted an amphibious helicopter assault to seize key Iraqi oil infrastructure on the Al Faw peninsula. As the first conventional troops on the ground, the strategic significance of the operation was immense and, as the Divisional Main Effort, the assault was supported by a vast array of coalition firepower.

    The Commando Group's role in the success of the coalition operation in Iraq was pivotal and profound. In a two-week period of intense operations, it secured key oil infrastructure, cleared a large expanse of enemy held terrain, and defeated a major enemy stronghold on the periphery of Basra, killing over 150 Iraqi soldiers and taking 440 prisoners.

    Here are first hand accounts from Lt Green, RN; Cpl Sheraton, RM and Sgt Briggs, USMC of or attached to 42 Cdo RM.

    40 commando street fighting in the old town area of the port of Umm Qasr

    See also:

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  6. Bloody hell Stumpy, you're at it again. You're either the head librarian at the Imperial War Museum or the Marketing Manager for a group of publishers. Come on mate, what's your cut?
  7. Ably assisted in this instance by HarryB. Interesting stuff people. Exactly what I like about RR.


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