Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Apr 5, 2007.

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  1. I`ve recently noticed that our leader, T Bliar has been saying adamantly that our forces are in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi Government, I seem to have missed something, can someone kindly tell me when Saddam invited us in there?
  2. Well the government in Iraq have requested we stay there.The elections were held early 2005 .I know because I was there. Seeing that this is diamond fecking Lils do you pair of cnuts think it may be a little in ''bad taste'' to gob off about Iraq on the day that 4 soldiers were killed in Basra?Get your facts right ''letthecatoutofthebag'' because you are talking bollacks.
  3. Paveway. as you said this is diamond lils and a bit of banter is not going to help or otherwise the lads who were killed today. In fact banter is the normal Naval way of dealing with sorrow.
    so if anyone is talking bollocks I don't think its the previous posters.
  4. Naval way of dealing with sorrow?? dont make me fecking laugh.Them two dont give a toss about today .dont see there name on the condolance thread. Yes they are talking bollacks. I do go a little too much about Iraq,but I have been there 3 fecking times and to read the complete crap that some of these cocks post grips my shit. Yes it is Diamnd lils so that mean I can say what the feck I want to who i want.
  5. Although it is always sad to lose troops anywhere, the point I am trying to make is that the Iraqi government did not invite us in to Iraq, we went in on a lie, the spin is that we are now there at their request, although that may look ok to you Paveway but from where I`m sat it stinks, we cant leave and you know it, so stop calling people a cunt and use your proper name.
  6. Because its an elected government cnut.
  7. You won't see my name on condolance threads either Paveway. I don't wear my heart on my sleeve. I wish that we would withdraw from Iraq and let the inevitable civil war (which has already started) run its course. I don't want to see any more British lives wasted for Bush & Blair's oil. If you think that we went into Iraq for any other reason, then you must believe in fairies.
  8. And of course the electorate were free to vote without fear or prejudice.
  9. Well Fuck off to the ARRSE Forums you whining twat.
  10. Perhaps you are not aware of the fact that Paveway is in fact the submariners Moderator Deeps, maybe we should all sign on here with a few different aliases then we could argue with ourselves.
  11. Why would anyone want two names unless they're suffering with a bipolar disorder.
  12. Yes HIG I am deeps,I use paveway_3 so that I can join in with the rest of Rum Ration and post what I want without some stupid [email protected] going on and on and on and on and on and on about MODS on Rum Ration .Little like you .

    Letthecatoutofthebag cheers for your explanation of your first post,you '' '' '' hinted to me that you had a sarcastic air to your comments.If i was mistaken I do humbly apologise.

    Dhyobyitch I will stay here as I am an Ex-matelot.arrse is pants.
  13. I think i got a bout of that when i was in Singers.
  14. Well Paveway as an ex matelot you should know that sadness and suffering is normally masked with frivolous and often jovial comments. In the 60s we lost a lot of aircrew flying from carriers, if the pilots had stopped to think about their lost mate in the normal way many would not have got airborne again. They covered their loss with humour. likewise on Ark Royal in the 70s a killick stoker on one of the escort ships was killed falling down a ladder while carrying a case of beer. His body was transferred to Ark. First thing one of the PO stokers said was "Wonder if he's got a death grip on the crate of tinnies?"
    It always used to be the way in the RN.
  15. As I have explained Cat I have made no secret of me using Deeps to moderate the submariners forum and I use paveway_3 for general bitching and posting around the site.
  16. I take it that JD is not a fan of anything or anyone nautical then? So what's he doing dipping his nose into Diamond Lil's for? Any loss of life from whatever service is most regrettable across the entire armed services spectrum but dripping on about their loss will not bring them back. Black humour was always the usual way of both the Navy and indeed the Army dealing with the loss of their oppos and I'm sure it still is despite JD's overly emotive remonstrations. Signing condolence and visitors books doesn't quite hack it for Jack in order to express his sense of loss.

    Three tours in Iraq - WOWEE! Sounds more like a frigging dogwatch to me. Try two times in Malaya, once in Borneo and then add our other little debacles in Suez, Aden,Cyprus and a Cold War spent in boats and I might be suitably impressed. Dhobyitch was right first time around, just piss off back to the squaddies forum and try growing up, you f****** leg-iron.
  17. Feck off you boring cnut. You should be in an old folks home.Spare me the war stoies I have a few of my own and not ones from being safe at sea either.
  18. SAFE AT SEA? You just do not no the times i burnt my self getting the baked spuds off the port fuel pump casing
  19. ok ok I was being silly. Just fed up due to Iraq today etc etc .Sorry to all parties. Let the piss taking commence.
  20. Er..... Seacat.... NN...... :oops: :oops: :oops:

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