Iraq war suck-back

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Stirling, May 22, 2010.

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  1. Rats/sinking Ship........'Not me Gov!'
  2. Pity these twats did not stand up and be counted at the time, Robin Cook God bless him.
  3. To summarise the article; the invasion of Iraq was wrong because it was a primary reason for NuLiebour losing power and these eedjits being out of a job.

    No mention that the invasion was ILLEGAL. No mention that NuLiebour and it's apparatchiks were up to their collective neck in falsifying the reasons for the invasion. No mention that Bliar and other NuLiebour luminaries knowingly lied to Parliament and to the British people. No mention of the 1 million dead Iraqis. No mention of our dead and wounded troops who went to war for lying politicians. No mention that several members of NuLiebour should be sitting in cells in The Hague waiting trial.

    No mention that Millipede senior was frantically trying to change British Law in the run-up to the election to allow Israeli war-criminals to avoid arrest in Britain.

    I would echo Fink's comment on Robin Cook; he may have been a mis-shapen, egotistical, ginger Jockinese dwarf but he had bigger balls than the rest of these Chancers put together.
  4. What he said.I am 100% with you bergen.
  5. The “war†does not appear to have been illegal; as presented. It does seem to have been justified by unsupportable evidence, though.

    It does seem that the Septics were going to go for it, no matter what. Accordingly, I did hope that we coud have been the voice of exprierence and reason; but I did forgot that big Tone was running our show.

    It's Aunty Betty I feel sorry for.
  6. Balls and Miliband junior suck - back.[/quote]

    Now these two are Media Whores, chasing inch's in the media prior to the leadership contest me thinks. I wonder where they were prior to the troops crossing the border?
  7. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fiddling expenses or fiddling with each other probably.
  8. Good call Black rat.
  9. Bergen:

    "No mention that Millipede senior was frantically trying to change British Law in the run-up to the election to allow Israeli war-criminals to avoid arrest in Britain."

    Can you explain for the hard of thinking?
  10. Bergan on the money as always...
  11. The brothers Milliband are pro-Israeli jews, as is Jack Straw.

    In 2007 Straw gave the Israelis a grovelling apology for the attempt to arrest Doron Almog for war-crimes at Heathrow.

    A similar attempt to arrest Tzipi Livni [again for war-crimes] occurred in 2009 and Milliband not only gave Israel another apology but also assured them that British Laws would be changed to prevent Israelis being arrested for war-crimes whilst in Britain.

    This is a little odd because the arrest of war-criminals is an International obligation.

    The repeated use of cloned British passports and the diplomatic spat that followed was probably the only thing that prevented Milliband [as British Foreign-Secretary] from forcing this change through Parliament.
  12. Thanks Bergen.

    I am also aware of groups such as "<insert name of well established British entity here> friends of Israel".

    Explains why the BBC had to apologise to Israel for telling the truth about their atrocities (can't recall the exact crime on this occasion, but there are plenty to chose from).

    A powerful bunch of people worldwide.
  13. Careful, don't be getting taken in by 'The Protocols of the Elders of Zion' gang.

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