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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by themonkeyg0d, Sep 6, 2010.

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  1. Guys, now the war is over. Can anyone tell me whether any boats deployed to support operations in Iraq post the 2003 invasion?
  2. Can you be more specific? Do you mean 'boats' as in 'submarines'? If so, then I'm afraid that submarine movements are classified which means 'you don't need to know'. Now, is there anything else we can/can't help you with?
  3. Submarines support every single operation (with the exception of some humanitarian ops), they just aren't often credited, unless their contribution was somewhat overt. Some skimmers will dispute this, but that is purely because even they are often not aware of the presence of a friendly submarine.
  4. It's probably better for their morale if you just let them believe they could have detected you if you were there!
  5. I'd think that an boat would have been there supporting, just incase a TLAM was needed. Not that I'm any expert mind.
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Unless things have changed a lot since my times they were rarely aware of enemy Boats either :wink:
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    How many years experience in the RN is this thought based on? Polto's post above may be offering you good advice
  8. No experience. Yet. Just speculating. I appreciate that it might be a dud thought though, but hey, i'll learn.
  9. I take it that you chose to ignore what i said, or thought that what you had to say somehow added more than I had.

  10. Classic!!! :)
  11. Okey so the basic train of thought is that its a big secret. That being said, would I be right in thinking that because of this the crews wouldn`t be entitled/qualify for any medals?

    The reason I ask is so that I`m not wasting time trying to track down medals that don`t/won`t exist....
  12. I remember going through the Suez on HMS Ocean and spotted a few subs en route. My sub recognition is non existent I'm afraid but as been mentioned I'm sure they have their specific roles when on ops.
  13. This question raises another one from me;
    A quick googler shows the Persian Gulf as an 'overly shallow' sea, with a max depth of 90m. Out of interest, would this be navigable by boats?

    If this Q is secrisk tell me to feck off..!
  14. Another quick google will tell you that a USN submarine a few years ago suffered damage in the strait of Hormuz whilst dived.

  15. I love the way bubble heads think its skimmers that dont know where they are. This is a myth. From experience on exercise and for real. I good ASW platform and crew are a match for a sub.
  16. Some skimmers on a capable ASW unit prosecuting submarine targets will realise that a submarine is in the area, but those who do not appreciate the tactical picture will not. Also, if you are charging around doing things other than ASW type stuff, you will not pick us up, no matter how capable you are, as you will not be looking for us.

    We, on the other hand, whilst dived, rely almost exclusively on sonar contacts to build a surface and sub-surface picture, and cannot afford to not know you are there, and often cannot afford to allow even friendlies to locate us. We are better at hiding than you give us credit for.

    BTW, the USS Hartford collision was only a year and a half ago. The one a few years ago that I had been thinking of was USS Newport News.
  17. Was there not a documentary a few years back which followed a submarine on exercise with friendly forces trying to find them? As I recall the submarine parked itself underneath a frigate for the duration of the exercise undetected.

    Am I having a stroke or did that actually happen?
  18. I was on the geordie gun boat and during exercise with a submarine can't recall which one, we even managed to find it with 2016 :lol: Gen dit no shit
  19. Yeah I was 'skimming' around there last year and took pics of the boat c/w damage and assault ship that hit it. By all account that was a cock-up by the boats old man.
    So cock-ups aside, I'll re-ask the Q; Is the Persian Gulf navigable by submarines for the purpose of providing tactical advantage to the UK?

    Again, if the Q is a secrisk/unknown, I'll take 2 feck-off pills.
  20. Yeah we were only doing ASW work well they were. Being 4.5 section i was only SSEP and wanted to kill myself most of the time out of pure bordom.

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