Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by AfterSSE, Jul 22, 2007.

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  1. You guy's missing any squirrels lately....Lol


    Be sure to read the comments... :thumright:
  2. Are you sure that wasn't Hartlepool?
  3. One of the most bizzare news stories I've read in a long time. I particularly liked the bit where Hassan Mohmmadi, a fast-food vendor, concluded "I bet they were British squirrels, they are the most cunning".

    No wait, I think I've cracked this case. He is a fast food vendor and squirrels could easily be categorised as fast food so .... he must be the spy master. Very cunning deception.

  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Surely we should delete this thread in the name of OPSEC?
  5. Wonder how long before PETA gets involved....[​IMG]

    Don't know who moved it out of current affairs, but the story is "true", so if your about censorship then Bob's your uncle :thumright:,7340,L-3425130,00.html Not exactly the BBC or CNN, but for the Middle East this is as good as it gets...
  6. Mock all you want, the camera never lies:





  7. This maybe breaking OPSEC rules but I can announce that the SAS have their own animal friendly branch;


    You didn't hear it from me!
  8. I've sin' those there light sabre fighting squirrels in some of the back alleys next to my local in town at 0325. Lock in, what lock in, normal practice around here mates. The cardinal rules........they are not cute so no cootchy cootchy coo and ALWAYS give them a way out otherwise they'll carve one. :threaten:
    I'm on soluble I know these things.
    There is a local legend that their controller is a fox called Reynard, I have my doubts on that though! :glasses5:
  9. [​IMG]

    Those cats are very cunning!
  10. lol Jenny hope thats not your paintball gun, why does a paintball gun have a silencer?
  11. WTF?

    If they spotted the squirrels, I hope to hell Whitehall aborted mission "Tehran Dog", the one that highlighters all the diplomatic woofters.
  12. Ever been struck on the arse or head with a paintball gun from under 10 meters?

    Fcuking kills mate :threaten:
  13. Would that be with the gun or the pellet ? Just curious.
  14. Hi

    I don't think this will go against OPSEC as it was in the papers, but, HMS Manchester, took 5 (I think) Budgies to the Gulf in 1991 as "Gas detectors" they were presented to School kids in Gib on return. (IIRC).

    I can't remember where they were all sited but I seem to remember one Manning Naval Stores.
  15. Did you have him writing out 126's?
  16. Did it do a better job that the Jack Dusties?!
  17. Oi I resemble that remark, right no more pusser binders for you....[​IMG]
  18. Oh, I remember, Still owe Drake for a matress, apparently Jack daniels spilt on it had never actually come out.

    I swear I wasn't the one jumping on the bed with a bottle of JD open, guv! It was the squirrel!
  19. Scenario:

    Jenny goes to stores with a wet & stained matress.

    "Honest PO, it's Jack"
    "I know love, he's a barsteward"
    "No, I mean Jack Daniels"
    "Yeah, Yeah, sign here........lads, 'nother Grand Slammed mattress for the fire!"

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