Iran's Holocaust Conference

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Seadog, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    All in the interests of historical accuracy of course.

    Daily Telegraph

    Talk about stirring it? Okay, maybe they are trying to make a point about freedom of speech to the West in the wake of the Danish newspaper cartoons. However given that this is the only 'free' speech Iran will allow, it is completely bogus.

    Interesting to see a Rabbi in attendance. David Irving won't be going!
  2. Seadog
    Maybe not, but his mate from the KKK did ! Same bunch of wanna be's.
    Stirrers? Absolutely!
    I lived in Iran when my old man worked for the Iranian Oil Refining Company, back in the late 50's. The Gobshites there now, worshipping Homeiny and Armoured dinner jacket, are the same one's who used to worship the Shah.
  3. Interesting to see a Rabbi in attendance. [/quote]

    Not really if can get your head around the fact that there are a lot of Rabbis who are totally anti-Zionist. He'd better watch his 6 o'clock though; the last Rabbi who put his head above the parapet was slotted in Israel by the Zionists.

  4. They're trying to prove they're a centre for freedom of speech as loads of attendees have been imprisoned in Europe and Australia for denying the holocaust. However, try getting them chatting about nuclear power and nuclear weapons and they'll soon clam up...

  5. You probably would-----but you wouldn't make much from it!!

    As for Isreal ----------------well it was Palestine originally --a British occupied territory that was formed after WW1 .
    The 1945 influx of immigrant jews and the affluent western jews supplying money the Isreali state was formed.
    Lots of Brit squaddies got killed there ,the Isreali forces are still at it.
  6. why not,we could also do a side line in trips to Lourdes as well as signed portrits of the Pope in his Panzer uniform.LOl
  7. Actually, no one has ever ben imprisoned in Australia for denying the holocaust. David Irvine was denied a visa one time but that is a far as it went. I find it strange that the big cheese of the KKK is attending, given that he and his crowd would normally see arabs and muslims in general as the enemy, along with blacks, jews commies and liberals. War indeed makes strange bedfellows.
  8. Now don't be cruel Andy. He wasn't old enough to be in the Pansies, he volunteered to join the Hitler Youth at a time when the Nazis were not actually consistently enforcing compulsory membership (being run on chaotic lines) so was only out persecuting local Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, brownhatters and people doing funny handshakes - so nothing's changed then...

    It's interesting though that he went from wearing an all black uniform and the Hakenkreuz, a symbol of peace (how ironic) whilst persecuting Jews to an all white uniform and the crucifix, an symbol of torture, whilst persecuting brownhatters. Some things never change. 8O
  9. The Nazi creed also disagreed with homosexuality. along with a lot of other things :lol: :lol:

    As for finding religion and the RC church well as they all take the vow to stay celebate then persecution of brownhatters would surely seem like blue on blue :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. Jack77 - my apologies. I had got confused - one of the attendees was imprisoned in France, where holocaust denial is illegal.
  11. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    While not about to critique your 'Israel/Palestine in three sentences' potted history Greenie, this is about Iran's holocaust deniers' love in.

    The IDF are killing British squaddies? 8O Link please Greenie.

    Some posts deleted. Banter and asides are fine, so long as they don't detract to much from the thread and you post something relevant at the same time. Otherwise keep it serious.

    Holocaust deniers 'evidence' for no holocaust is lame. One bloke (Eric Hufschmid) also features as a lead 'September 11 was a black op' conspiracy theorist. David Irving, currently in an Austrian jail seems to have been seduced by the Third Reich, its uniforms and personalities and seems to believes they could do no wrong.

    Those gathering in Iran, especially the organisers, are only interested in thumbing its nose at the world opinion, the dead, the survivors and their relatives.
  12. It's interesting though that he went from wearing an all black uniform and the Hakenkreuz, a symbol of peace (how ironic) whilst persecuting Jews to an all white uniform and the crucifix, an symbol of torture, whilst persecuting brownhatters. Some things never change. 8O[/quote]

    If the dear man is persecuting those of a different persuasion perhaps he should check his own staff personnel records.

  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Polaroid, the Pope was circa 14 when he was in the Hitler Youth Youth Movement (no choice in the matter though I believe his family did leg it later). He was never, as Always a Civvy has alluded, to in the 12th SS Panzer Division (Hitler Youth) a different beast from the same manpower pool.

    Keep the thread on track please.
  14. I disagree with you on this. When the Pope was 14, people of his age were in full-time employment in Britain and considered to be mature enough to make their own decisions. There is no fact to prove here.

    Whilst your opinion is interesting, it should not be the deciding factor in moderation decisions. Please don't put people off posting with your own bias.
  15. asst_dep_to_dep_asst - completely agree your last comment.
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    On what? Allowing the thread to wander or on the Pope's membership of an SS Panzer Division?

    I have two hats here. I am allowed to post my own comment/opinion and moderate. I don't bin posts that disagree with my opinion but I do bin posts that are irrelevant or I ask the poster(s) to come back on track, not back on message. Or do you feel that one or more of the binned posts (beer, tits or bacon) added intellectual gravitas to the thread?
  17. I didn't read the "binned" posts, as they had already been binned.

    I don't believe that wandering off topic is necessarily a bad thing, as background information on a topic is often introduced in just such a manner.

    I disagreed with your postulation that the Pope would have had no choice but to join the Hitler Youth because he was only 14.
  18. This demonisation of Iran has a direct parallel to the propaganda being spread just before the illegal invasion of Iraq.

    There is a huge difference in what President Ahmadinejad actually says and how it is translated in the main stream media.

    We all know that he said that "Israel should be wiped off the map". We know this because the press made it headline news.

    What he actually said was "This regime occupying Jerusalem will vanish from the pages of time" this was a reference to something that he had said earlier about The Shah's regime, Saddam Hussein and the Soviet Union all seemingly invincible, yet all falling in the blink of an eye.

    The MSM reports that Ahmadinejad says "The main cure for the crisis in the Middle East is the elimination of Israel"...............what he actually said was "The real cure for the conflict is the elimination of the Zionist Regime, but there should be an immediate cease-fire first".

    When Ahmadinejad says that "Israel will be engulfed in a wave of morality" it appears in MSM that he has said that "Israel will be engulfed in a wave of assaults".

    It's not really surprising that people in the Middle East want to debate Israel and the holocaust and to ask why they are carrying the can for Germany; the natural forum would be the UN but any debate on Israeli behaviour is strangled at birth by the USA and by Israel's amen corner AIPAC.

  19. As usual bergen a well rounded debate on the middle east!!

  20. Having visited police state and observed the behaviour of the average citizen to the problems of such an existance, whislt I would agree people do not have to choose conformity, on the otherhand conformity is for most people the safe and sane course of action, people joined the Nazi Pary and it's organisations not just because of political belief but for priviledges, and often because not to do so attracted attention of an undesirable nature. Much the same as the communist system in the old east block which I observed in action in East Germany or during General Zias dictatorship in Pakistan which I laso observed.


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