Iranian agro vs USN in Gulf...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by stumpy, Jan 7, 2008.

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  1. Yet more warning, if it were needed, that a powerful Navy is still required.

    Iran is looking for a fight, they tried it with the Australians, (who said feck off) they tried it with us, (listening to iPods) and the Americans (who "Beat to Quarters"). It is only a matter of time before shots are fired I believe.
  2. Shooting war after Illustrious gets in station.
  3. Tension in the straits. Hmmm. Just wait for the Iranians to start drops a few mines in those waters and watch the price of oil shoot up. In fact, all AQ needs to do is to drop a couple of floating mines, strike a supertanker and watch as the US blames Iran and all hell breaks loose. Not a pretty scenario, and all too easy to come about.
  4. And here's a detailed map of the area :thumright: :-



  5. Well fear not, we're send Illustrious along with one of our venerable T42's, a T23 and a gaggle of sweepers right intp the middle of this lot shortly.

  6. We should all be very worried; looking at the photograph that accompanies the BBC article it is obvious that the USA has upped the stakes. If I'm not mistaken the lady saileyor in the picture is Faybelline Tunney USN :thumright:

  7. I know naff all about mine laying, so how would AQ go about it and would Iran just stand and watch them do it, knowing what could happen?
  8. it did actually happen oil slick during clintons term,i cant remember the USN Unit but it hit a mine and clinton responded by air targeting a oil platform and half the Iranian Navy,so i think it could be a matter of watch tis space

  9. Operation Preying Mantis
  10. Wasn't the USS Maddox by any chance?

  11. I know its the case these days that we only get to hear bad/sensational side of the news, so just to even the ballance here's another encounter story. because of the reputation of these straits I always pay particular attention when my daughters ship passes through them. This happened on saturday and sure enough their opposite number in the iranian navy challeged them and then exchanged recognition signals and each wished the other well, yes i know a story like this wouldnt make headlines but I think all to often we dont get a ballanced view from our media.
    ps yes she does have an ipod !
  12. Had the same experience myself in the past. However, there is a distinct difference between the relative discipline of the Iranian Navy and the rash behaviour of the IRGC who seem intent on provoking the annihilation of their own vessels and bases.
  13. My understanding is that it really does depend which Iranian Navy they come into contact with, the Regular Services Iranian Navy seem to be sane rule of law abiding Navy, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy, the guys who did this, and took our patrol captive, are the extremists who want a war with the West.
  14. i think our rules of engagement should be changed stop this being the nice diplomatic talk,its not the polictians on the Ships ,but they should be
  15. USS Maddox was the destroyer attacked by three North Vietnamese torpedo boats in the Gulf of Tonkin incident in Aug 1964. I think Brendan is referring to USS Samuel B. Roberts.

    Quote from Wiki:


  16. Except that the Maddox was never attacked by the North Vietnamese. Not even by a sampan let alone gun-boats. It was just a subterfuge for the USA to ramp up the war. The Captain was given a medal for his "bravery" in much the same way as the Captain of the USS Vincennes was given a medal by Ronnie Raygun after splashing an Iranian Airbus on a scheduled flight in International airspace. Pity about the hundreds of civilians who were killed

    RM :thumright:
  17. Some detailed info, try to ignore the fact it's by the NSA... :thumright:

    Or as LBJ say's

    Conspiracy theorists untie... :rendeer:
  18. I had read these a while back but in cases like this I prefer eye-witness accounts. Admiral Stockdale USN wrote a very revealing and detailed book about the Gulf of Tonkin incident; he is absolutely adamant that there was no attack by the North Vietnamese and I am very much inclined to believe him. After all he had a very unique perspective of the events. :thumright:

  19. I was being sarcastic & referring to the 'Gulf of Tonkin' posted over the map of the Arabian Gulf. See Bregan's post on the previous page.

    Whilst on the subject of Tonkin, according to the official documents it was a set up. The Americans needed an excuse to provide more military support to South Vietnam.


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